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EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove – Kitchen Chopping Board for Meat (Butcher Block) Cheese and Vegetables Anti Microbial Heavy Duty Serving Tray wHandles – 18 x 12

Bamboo Cutting Board

Sometimes we don’t find enough space for cutting food materials in our kitchen. It is doubly applicable to those who perform their culinary work in a small kitchen. In such a small kitchen we don’t find any suitable place for cutting different food items. In such a situation, commonly we use a plate or pot for placing food materials on it(cutting board). But this system is not perfect for cutting something for a longer period. Even such ordinary systems will create some problems and will look archaic. In this article, we’re going to show you a tool using which you’ll be able to resolve this problem. In addition to that using this tool will look smarter and obviously you’ll like it.

What’s the tool that we may use conveniently for cutting food items keeping on it?

This is an ordinary organic bamboo cutting board and spacious enough for placing large amounts of food. As an ordinary bamboo board, you may keep it in any place and use it without worrying about anything. It is durable enough and you may cut any harder food items placed on this board. This tool looks like ordinary wooden materials, and convenient to carry. At both sides of this tool, you’ll see an empty space and the manufacturer called it side handles. These handles have been kept in it for easing the carrying procedure and the weight of this one is light. You’ll be able to move it easily no matter how much food is on it. This tool is made of organic bamboo and that’s why it is eco-friendly.

Due to the built-in drip groove, you may place any juicy fruits on it for cutting or cleaning. Whatever the food items you place on it you’ll not see the slippage, due to the drip groove. It’s a double-sided board and you may use both of these sides for the same purposes. Suppose you may place something for cutting foods on one side, use the other side as a tray. Due to such a nature, you’ll not have to clean this tool repeatedly during processing foods. One of the cool things is that it is a water-resistant one and you’ll not experience moisture-like bad effects.

Comparison of EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board with similar other boards

For finding out the best cutting board for you, take a look below. This chart includes main features of four Cutting Boards including this one. 

Name of The Cutting Boards



Customer Rating

1. EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board


3.2 pounds

2. Farberware Hardwood Cutting Board, 15x21-Inch


5.49 pounds

3. Kenmore Kenosha Wood Cutting Board, 24x16, Acacia


10.98 pounds

4. Labell Boards L18240 Large Reversible Canadian Maple Cutting Board


7.5 pounds

How will this bamboo cutting board help you in processing foods?

You know this best kitchen tool is not a mechanical one rather it’s just a board. In the time of processing foods sometimes we don’t find any space for placing foods. This tool will provide you such space and you may keep different food items on it. As you’ll use this tool in the kitchen, water may come in contact with it. For this reason the manufacturer used only bamboo for manufacturing this tool. As this one is made of bamboo, you may place any wet food items on it. In that case, you’ll not face any complexity or it will not be harmful for this tool.

It is not a slippery one as when you place any food items on it that will not spill. To prevent spillage, the manufacturer kept a drip groove and it will catch the item from going outside. In a word, this tool will provide a suitable place for placing and cutting foods on it. You may place larger amounts of foods on it as it’s of X-Large size.

How you may use this best kitchen tool for keeping and cutting different food items?

Bamboo Cutting Board

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“EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board” is an easy to use tool. Though there’s no issue of learning the use of it, you should know only some techniques.

  • When you get this tool in hand first you should clean it with water before placing anything on it. After that, wipe the water on it with a clean tissue or towel and then you may use it. Commonly we use such a tool for cutting something, chopping, cleaning different items, or so. The dimension of this tool is 18.03 x 12.05 x 0.75 inches, so you’ll have enough space for placing foods. But if you want to cut only one type of food then you should place the foods in the middle. The reason is that when you place something in the middle it will be easier for you to cut.
  • Now come to the point of food items- what type of foods you may place on it? You may use this board for any kinds of fruits, vegetables, meats, or something like that. But if you place any juicy fruits like orange, water melon, etc, you should not place anything beside those. The reason is that the juice of such fruits may spread all over the tool while cutting those. But surely the juice of the fruits or so will not go beyond the tool because of the drip groove.  
  • For cutting any food items kept on it, you may use ordinary knives. Commonly you’ll be able to cut all the fruits, vegetables, meat, and all the edible items. But you should not poke any food keeping on it, with the sharp tip of the knife. This may damage the sharp tip as the body of this board is harder enough. But for commonly cutting meats kept on it, using ordinary knives it’s the right tool. If you cut dry items keeping on it, you may place different items at a time due to larger space.

Some cool features of “EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board”

This best kitchen tool will provide you utmost convenience as a food cutting board. Now we’ll share some cool features of this board that you’ll really enjoy.

  1. Thick and Durable: This one is 0.75 inches thick and that’s common in most bamboo cutting boards. Due to its thickness you may use it conveniently as a tray keeping different food items on it. As it’s made of organic bamboo you’ll find it durable enough and may use it for a long time. You may roughly use this tool for cutting ordinary food items and store it anywhere you like.
  • Extra Large Size: If a food placing board is of smaller size then you’ll be able to pace only a smaller amount. You know the dimension of this bamboo board is 18.03 x 12.05 x 0.75 inches. You may consider this size extra large and suitable for processing foods for a larger family. So for placing different food items on it or for larger pieces this one’s the right option.           
  • Built in Groove: Commonly you’ll not see this feature in food placing boards, though it’s really needed. This one contains a groove at four sides of this tool and that will prevent the spillage. When you’ll place any slippery food items or juicy fruits, you’ll see this groove helpful. The reason is that this groove will protect the surrounding environment from becoming messy.              
  • Side Handles: You know it’s not easy to hold and move something flat, and it’s applicable for all the tools. This tool contains two side handles at both sides of this board and that will ease the carrying procedure. For having such handles in it you may keep some food items on it and may use it as a tray. Even these handles will help you in the time of cleaning this board. 
  • Using Both Sides: The both sides of this tool are made of the same materials- organic bamboo. For that reason you may use both sides for the same purpose- cleaning, cutting, or the like. For having this feature in it, you may use this tool for quite a long time without cleaning it. Even, if one side of it damages, you may use the other side of this board.


  1. As this best kitchen tool is made of organic bamboo, it is really eco-friendly.
  2. You may use this food placing tool for cleaning, cutting, and mixing different food items conveniently.
  3. Due to the side handles at the both sides of this tool, you may move and carry this tool easily.
  4. As you’ll be able to use both sides of this tool, you’ll not have to clean it repeatedly in minutes.
  5. Due to the bamboo-made body of it, you’ll not see the bad effect of moisture.
  6. It is a thick and highly durable one and you may cut anything for a longer time keeping on it.   
  7. Not only for placing foods, you may use it for carrying food items as an ordinary tray.   
  8. This is of such nature that you may use this board for Butcher Block or something like that.
  9. As it’s a bamboo-colored and rectangular-shaped one, it will look so pretty and will augment the beauty.
  10. The built-in drip groove will prevent the spill of foods from the body of it.


  1. If you use any juicy fruits you’ll not be able to place a different item at a time.
  2. As it will come in contact with foods, you’ll have to clean it mandatorily after every use.
  3. The side handles of it are not suitable for lifting this tool with one hand.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is it the right option for chopping meats or harder food items?

Ans. – Of course, you may do so safely here, and the terms Butcher Block are in the name of it.

2. How may I clean this board properly after every use?

Ans. – Ordinarily washing with tap water is enough for cleaning it, you may also wipe it with a wet towel.

3. Is there any possibility of spillage of food as food will be on the plain body?

Ans. – Due to the drip groove, the food will not go out of the board, even juicy items will not.

4. May it harm the body of the knife if I cut something keeping on it?

Ans. – No, you may cut anything, but don’t poke on any items heavily with the sharp tip of the knife.   

5. What may occur if I place different juicy fruits on it and cut those at a time?

Ans. – As there’s no barrier at the middle of it, one food item may mix with another.

6. Is anything needed for the maintenance of this board?

Ans. – No, you’ll not have to do anything like a motor-run tool, just properly cleaning will be enough.

7. Does this cutting board have the side handles at both parts?

Ans. – No, it contains side handles at both sides, but these handles are only in the lower part.

8. What may I do to remove the remaining food items or odor?

Ans. – Just ordinary cleaning with fresh water will do the needful as it is an odor resistant one.

9. How long may I use this tool if I use it every day?

Ans. – As a highly durable bamboo made tool, you’ll be able to use this tool for life.

10. May it affect any food item if I place that item for longer hours?

Ans. – No matter how long you’ll place food items on it, it will not affect any item.

Final verdict- Is it the right option for cutting and chopping foods placed on it?

This best kitchen tool is highly durable and thick enough for cutting foods on it. It will really save your food from different germs as this tool is made of eco-friendly bamboo. If you want to enjoy all the conveniences, you may choose EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board for you.  

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