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Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

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For comfortably maintaining our busy schedule, almost all of us depend on cups of coffee every day. That’s why we use coffee makers or order a cup in a coffee shop. We all know this coffee comes from beans commonly known as coffee beans. Then these beans are grinded and with the powder of such beans people make coffee. If you have a grinder in your kitchen, you’ll be able to make the bean powder at your home. If you do so, then you’ll not have to buy packet coffee rather you’ll be able to make it yourself. In this article, we’ll show you how you may make coffee beans powder in seconds. You’ll not have to do that manually as using a machine (burr mill) you may do it conveniently. This machine is called the coffee grinder and we’re going to show you all the good and bad of it.

What’s the tool that will make the coffee beans powder in seconds? 

Cuisinart DBM-8 is one of the best coffee grinders in the sense that here all the process is mechanical. This one is the best budget one, but you’ll get here all the service of a professional coffee grinder. It’s an electricity run tool and here you’ll only have to place coffee beans in the tool. It will take less than one minute to make coffee beans pulverized and provide you the powder. Here you have to place beans at the upper part and maximum 8 ounces beans are allowed here. After that you just have to plug the cord of this grinder, and wait for a while. After a while, you’ll see the powder will fall in the lower part. Here all the process is mechanical and that’s why you don’t have to waste your energy. You may relax after plugging the cord of the grinder as it is auto shut off enabled one. When it completes the grinding of the beans you place in it, it will stop automatically. And when it will stop you’ll feel it, as the sound of running the machine will end. This silver color tool’s weight is only 4.50 lbs, so you may move it conveniently. Here the Bean Hopper and the grind chamber are transparent and that’s why you may see what’s going on inside. The capacity of the grind chamber is 32 cups and that’s really great.

Compare Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme coffee bean Grinder with similar other ones

If you want to choose the best coffee grinder for you, the following chart will be helpful for you. It will show you the main features of 4 coffee beans grinders.  

Name of The coffee bean grinders



Customer Rating

1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

10.75 x 7.13 x 6 inches

4.5 pounds

2. Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

6 x 7 x 11 inches

4.52 pounds

3. Huanyu Electric Coffee Bean Grinder 250G

14.65 x 9.92 x 6.1 inches

7.61 pounds

4. KRUPS offee Grinder with Scale, 39 grind settings

19.4 x 13.2 x 6.9 inches

5.99 pounds

How will this best kitchen tool grind larger amounts of coffee beans in seconds?

You know the job of this grinder is to pulverize coffee beans and it will do that using a motor. When you plug the power cord of it with an outlet the machine will activate and start to work. Below the bean hopper, there’re Burr Grinding Plates. After placing beans in the hopper, those beans will come in between the plates. Then the upper plate will press the beans very hard on the lower plate and will cause pulverizing. After pulverizing, the coffee powder will fall in the grind chamber that you’ll see. But all the beans will not come in between the plates at once, after placing those. All the coffee beans will come in between the plates gradually and it will pulverize accordingly. If you fill the hopper with coffee beans and then starts the grinding it will take less than one minute. When no coffee beans remain in the hopper then it will stop working automatically. Here the hopper and the grind chamber are removable and that’s why you may collect powder removing the chamber.

How may you grind a good many ounces of coffee beans using this one?

Burr Mill

To Buy: $59.95 at amazon.

This best kitchen tool is durable enough to grind coffee for so long. So it will certainly meet the needs of a larger family and now we’ll show you the using procedure.  

  1. Mainly you’ll have to work with the two parts of this best coffee grinder. That means placing beans in the upper part and collecting powder from the lower part. But for using it like a pro, you should understand the function of every part at first. At the top you’ll see a pot like tool with a black color lid it’s called the bean hopper. Just opening the lid of this funnel-shaped container, you’ll have to place coffee beans as much as you want. But, mind it- 8 ounces ordinary coffee beans are the maximum limit.
  • At the bottom part of this best coffee bean grinder you’ll see a container larger than the hopper. That is called the grind chamber, and the coffee powders will fall here from the hopper. Here the hopper and the grind chamber are detachable so you may detach these if need be. You’ll have to work with only these two tools- hopper and the grind chamber. As an electricity run tool, this one contains some electrical appliances inside. You’ll not have to do anything with these appliances while grinding coffee beans.
  • You’ll see the power cord attached with this tool and you have to plug it after placing beans. In this tool, you’ll have the option to set one among several Grind Selectors. Here the “COARSE” is for percolator, “MEDIUM” is for automatic drip, and “FINE GRIND” is for espresso. You may choose any one of these and start the grinding function. You’ll see these selectors at the bottom part of the bean hopper. Here you’ll have to select the one by turning the hopper, it’s very simple. But, all the time such turning will have to be done with the cord plugged with an outlet.
  • To start the grinding function, you’ll have to press on the “Power Bar.” You’ll get this bar at the front side, above the grind chamber. When you press on the power bar it will start the grinding function immediately. After starting the grinding function, you’ll see the amount of beans gradually decreasing at the hopper. And coffee powders will start to fall in the grind chamber. Due to the transparent body of the hopper and chamber you’ll be able to see it from outside. When there’ll be no beans in the hopper then the grinding function will stop automatically. 

Some amazing features of this best coffee grinder that you’ll really like!

When you start to use this kitchen tool, you’ll see so many amazing features that the common grinders don’t contain. Now we’ll show you some of those that the common users love.

  1. Detachable Parts: In this coffee bean grinder, the hopper and the grind chamber are easily detachable. Due to the detachable nature of these parts, you’ll be able to use this tool conveniently. The reason is that you’ll only have to use these two parts for placing coffee beans and collecting coffee powder. Even if you want to clean this best kitchen tool, this removable nature will help you in different aspects.              
  • Auto Shut Off: To use a tool like this one with relaxation, the auto shut off feature is a must. The reason is that you may be busy with another job after starting the function. In it, there’s no system of setting a specific grinding period, but this is an auto shut-off feature enabled one. When the bean hopper will be empty, then the grinding procedure will stop automatically.  So you may use this best Cuisinart coffee grinder conveniently that the users like.               
  • Quickly Grinding: As a motor run tool, the grinding procedure will be accomplished very soon. The reason is that the motor of this coffee grinder is strong enough to grind quickly. For that reason, you’ll be able to make larger amounts of coffee beans powder in a very short time. You should not be worried about the quality as the powder will always be fine. 
  • Simple to Use: Here you’ll not have to learn so many things for grinding coffee beans like a pro. You just have to place the coffee beans and press on the power bar, after plugging the cord. If you grind beans in the same grind selector, then you don’t have to change the selector after using it. So, the use of it is so simple that a child may use it for grinding coffee beans.     
  • Automatic Process: As a motor run tool the grinding process is fully automatic, and doesn’t require manually doing anything. After pressing on the power bar you don’t have anything to do. This machine will do the grinding process automatically and stop after grinding. Due to this automatic process, you’ll not have to waste your valuable energy in any stage of grinding.


  1. Due to the transparent body of the grind chamber and the hopper you’ll see inside function from outside.
  2. As all the process is automatic you’ll not have to do anything wasting your valuable energy.
  3. Here you’ll be able to grind a large amount of coffee beans in less than one minute.
  4. As different grind selectors are available here you’ll be able to choose the one that you like.
  5. As the dimension of this grinder is 6.00L x 7.13W x 10.75H inches, you may adjust it in tight space.   
  6. The length of the power cord is 34 inches that’s really a long length.
  7. Due to the use of Stainless Steel, it has become a superbly durable one.
  8. The capacity of the bean hopper is 8 oz. that’s enough for placing larger amounts of coffee beans.
  9. The bean hopper and the grind chamber are removable and that will help you in the time of cleaning.
  10. This best kitchen tool will stop automatically after completing the grinding procedure.


  1. It is not allowed to place this coffee grinder in any hot place or near an oven.
  2. During the grinding function, it will create a disturbing sound always and there’s no way to stop it.
  3. As it contains electrical appliances, it is not allowed to immerse in the time of cleaning. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. When may I select the grind selector of this coffee grinder?

Ans. – You may select the grind selector after plugging the power cord of this tool.

2. Is it needed to process the coffee beans before placing in it?

Ans. – No, you may place the raw coffee beans here you don’t have to do anything for processing beans.

3. How may I start the grinding procedure here?

Ans. – After plugging the cord and placing beans, just pressing on the power bar will start the grinding.

4. Is there any system to avoid the sound created during grinding?

Ans. – You may follow some ordinary steps like placing it on thick cloths, such things may lessen the sounding.     

5. How much time will it take for finishing the grinding?

Ans. – It depends on the amount of the beans, but in all cases it will be less than one minute.

6. Is this coffee grinder mandatory to clean after every use?

Ans. – No, the reason is that you’ll place here the same thing: coffee beans.

7. May I open the grind chamber while running the grinding?

Ans. – No, even you should not touch the tool while the grinding is running.

8. May I disable the auto shut off feature of this grinder?

Ans. – No, there’s no system of stopping the auto shut off, even you should not run it keeping the hopper empty.

9. How may I clean this tool after completing several sessions?

Ans. – Just remove the parts that generally come in contact with the coffee beans or powder, and clean.

10. What’s the cleaning procedure of the parts containing electric appliances?

Ans. – If any part looks pale due to dirt, then wipe that part with a clean towel, but don’t immerse it.

Final say- is it the right option to use commercially for grinding huge amounts of beans?

This best kitchen tool is durable enough for grinding for a longer period. You’ll find it effective if you use it continuously even for hours. Different grind selectors are available here that you’ll not get in similar other ones. For whatever purpose you use it, surely you’ll find the Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee bean grinder superbly effective.  

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