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KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, 3 oz / 85 g, Black

Coffee Grinder

To simplify our day to day routine we need coffee and that’s why grinding coffee beans is needed. These days you’ll see a good many coffee beans grinder offering different enjoyable features. Some of them manual and some of them are mechanical, but all of them are for grinding coffee beans. Almost all of them are only for grinding coffee beans, not for any other purposes. If you try to make anything other than coffee beans pulverize, those will not show you good performance. But we need to pulverize different items besides coffee beans in our kitchen.

We may need such for making salad or for many other purposes. Using an ordinary coffee grinder, you’ll not be able to meet such needs properly. Today we’re going to show you a coffee bean grinder that you may use for grinding similar food items. It is KRUPS F203 and is one of the best coffee grinders as you may grind different items here.

Why is KRUPS F203 one of the best coffee grinders?

It’s a black color coffee grinder that runs the grinding function using the electrical power. This one has been manufactured using Multi materials and used for grinding so many items. Besides the coffee beans you may use this tool for grinding seeds and nuts if need be. Most amazing is that you’re welcome here to grind each of the dry spices. It looks like an ordinary mug the weight of which is 1.54 pounds. You may place this kitchen tool anywhere you need as its dimension is 4 x 4 x 9.13 inches. The capacity of this one is awesome; you may grind the beans for 12 cups of coffee at a time. In other words, you may place 3 ounces of beans at a time here that is comparatively higher capacity.

Due to the “Lid-Activated Safety Switch” the blade of this one will not start to rotate without placing the lid. That’s why it is the most secure system as the blade will not accidentally start working. You’ll get here the improved quality coffee powder in less than 10 seconds. Although some of the coffee beans grinders take more than one minute, after starting the grinding work. The manufacturer uses “Stainless Steel Blades” in this coffee grinder and that’s properly sharp and can grind smoothly. 

Compare KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with similar other tools!

Below we mention a chart detailing the main features of four grinding tools including this one. This chart will help you to find out which coffee grinder will be the best for you. 

Name of The Coffee Bean Grinders



Customer Rating

1. KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder


4 x 4 x 9.13 inches

1. KRUPS Precision Grinder Flat Burr Coffee

Coffee only

13.94 x 10.04 x 7.01 inches

1. Hero Manual Coffee Grinder-Conical Ceramic Burr Mill

Coffee only

7.3 x 7 x 3.3 inches

1. Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill

Coffee only

4 x 8 x 5 inches

How this best kitchen tool will grind different beans, nuts, seeds, or otherwise?

To some extent, the working procedure of this one is almost similar to the blenders. The reason is- here a blade will rotate inside and with such rotation it will pulverize the seeds or nuts. An ordinary blender will make something liquid with such rotation of the blade in the similar way. As an electricity run tool, it contains a motor in the base part and the blade is attached on that. When you plug its cord with an electric outlet, the motor of this coffee grinder will activate. When you press on the power button while keeping it activated, the blade will start to rotate.

On such rotation of the blade, the seeds or nuts which you’ll place inside will pulverize. The whole process will take less than 10 seconds depending on how much stuff you place in. If you release the power button of it, the blade will stop the rotation immediately. And then you may collect the powder of the stuff you placed inside for grinding.  

How may you use KRUPS F203 Electric for grinding different items?

Coffee Grinder

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This best kitchen tool is very simple to use as the process is easily understandable by anyone. Now we’ll show you the whole procedure and related techniques that will make the use of it easy.

  1. When you’ll get this tool in hand it will seem to you like a water mug with a lid. Whatever you want to place inside for grinding you’ll have to place such opening the lid. The lid of it is a transparent one and is easy to remove from the grinder. But, before using it for the first time you should clean it properly with water or something wet. After that allow some time to become dry and then you may start to use the coffee grinder. For using it you have to plug the power cord first, mind it- it works on 120V.
  • Now if the lid is open then place the stuff that you want to grind. Besides the coffee beans you may place here all types of dry seeds, nuts, and spices. But whatever you place in it, keep in mind 3 ounces is the capacity of this coffee grinder. So you should not place much stuff at a time rather you may grind huge amounts in different sessions. After placing beans, seeds, or other stuff, you have to close the lid of it. It’s mandatory as this coffee grinder contains “Lid-Activated Safety Switch.”
  • So, if you don’t close the lid properly the tool will not start the grinding function. That’s why before starting the main function you should check it, at least for the first time. Now, if everything is okay then you may press on the power button to start grinding inside stuff. You’ll get the power button attached with the lid of it, and the button is black. Here you’ll have to press and hold the power button otherwise the grinder will stop working. It will only run the grinding function so long as you need to keep the function continuing.
  • Generally for grinding coffee beans or common edible seeds it takes less than 10 seconds. As the lid of it is transparent you may see the condition of stuff from outside, it’s not so hard. But if any item requires grinding for more than 10 seconds you may run the machine for such time. After completing the grinding function, release the power button, and then unplug the power cord. After unplugging you may collect the powder of the stuff that it grinded immediately. There’s no way for collecting the powder mechanically, you’ll have to do it manually.     

Some amazing features for which you’ll surely love this coffee bean grinder

Due to having so many amazing features in it, we call it one of the best kitchen tools. Now we’ll show you some of those features that will satisfy the common users to the nth degree. 

  1. Lid-Activated Safety Switch: If you run it without closing the lid of it, the surrounding environment will become dirty. The reason is that due to the speedy rotation of the blade the inside stuff will come out. It may also cause in the case of accidental starting of the tool at any time. To fix this issue, the manufacturer kept here the Lid-Activated Safety Switch. That means if you don’t attach the lid of it properly, the machine will not start working.   
  • Great Versatility: This best coffee bean grinder allows different edible items for grinding with it. Besides the ordinary coffee beans, you may place here all types of dry seeds, nuts, and spices. Due to such great versatility, you’ll not have to use a different grinder for grinding different edible items. With this one, you’ll be able to meet all the needs relating to grinding edible items. Even for grinding harder items, this best kitchen tool is a highly effective one.               
  • Right One for Tight Space: You know it looks like an ordinary water mug so it will not occupy much space in your kitchen. The dimension of it is only 4.00 x 4.00 x 9.13 inches thus you may adjust it in tight spaces. It’s a round shaped one and that’s why you’ll not face any complexity in placing in any tighter corner.
  • Larger Capacity: The capacity of this best coffee bean grinder is great and you may work with it continuously. At a time, you may place up to 3 ounces of coffee beans inside it. With such coffee bean’s powder you’ll be able to make 12 cups of coffee. Due to such larger capacity repeatedly placing coffee beans and making powders is not necessary. 
  • Superbly Customizable Grinding: This best coffee grinder takes only less than 10 seconds for grinding coffee beans but it will grind smoothly. The blade of this tool is of Stainless Steel which is strong enough for providing customizable coffee powder. You’ll get such superb quality powder in all types of seeds, nuts, or otherwise, besides coffee beans.


  1. With this tool, you’ll get the superb quality powder in less than 10 seconds, that’s amazing.
  2. The blade of this best coffee grinder is of stainless steel that’s rightly durable one.
  3. The capacity of this one is 3 ounces, so you’ll not have to place nuts or beans repeatedly here.
  4. Besides coffee beans, you’ll be able to grind different seeds and nuts using this one.
  5. As its dimension is only 4.00 x 4.00 x 9.13 inches, you may place it in any tight corner.
  6. Due to the “Lid-Activated Safety Switch,” there’ll be no chance of sudden starting of grinding.
  7. As the lid of it is transparent, you’ll be able to see the inside grinding from outside.
  8. The weight of this coffee grinder is only 1.54 lbs, so you may lift it with only one hand.
  9. As it is a motor run tool, you’ll not have to waste your energy in grinding the beans or nuts.   
  10. Besides common items, you may place herbs or vegetables in this best kitchen tool for making salad.


  1. You’ll have to press and hold the power button of this tool for running the grinding.
  2. As it contains electrical appliances, you’re not allowed to immerse this coffee grinder for cleaning.
  3. Due to the rotation of the blade, it will create a sound that’s really a bit disturbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When may I place items that I want to grind with this grinder?

Ans. – You may do it at any time before or after plugging the power cord as you like.

2. How much edible item may I place here at a time?

 Ans. – 3 ounces is the capacity of this grinder so you have to place stuff less than that.

3. May I run the grinding function with the lid of it opened?

Ans. – No, the reason is that it is a “Lid activated safety switch” enabled coffee bean grinder.          

4. How may I be sure that I’ve closed the lid of this grinder properly?

Ans. – If the lid is exactly in the previous position then you may consider that lid is closed properly.

5. Is the cleaning of this grinder mandatory after every use?

Ans. – Of course, when you grind something using it there’ll remain the flavor of that item.

6. Cleaning which part is mandatory after using it?

Ans. –You’ll have to clean the pot where you’ll place the items and the inner part of the lid.

7. How may I clean different parts of it?

Ans. – You may detach the lid while cleaning, and in other cases you should only wipe with wet cloth.

8. What I have to do for running the grinding- is the process automatic?

Ans. – It will run the grinding process mechanically but you’ll have to press and hold the power button.

9. May I change the position of the blade inside this tool?

Ans. – No, the blade is permanently attached here and there’ll be no need to change the position.

10. May I have to set the timer or something like that?

Ans. – The whole system is pre-set, you just have to place items and press the power button with the cord plugged. 

Is this coffee grinder for using commercially or for running continuously?

You may use this kitchen tool for grinding coffee beans and similar items at a faster speed. This is durable enough and that’s why you may run the grinding for as long as you need to. If you want to use it commercially in a coffee shop it may be the best option. It will provide the coffee powder at such a rapid speed that the others will not. 

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