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Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black

In our day to day work in the kitchen we often use a can opener for removing harder lids. Due to requiring human energy people commonly avoid using manual can opener. Rather they tend to use electric can openers which can remove the can lids automatically. But, in using some can openers you’ll have to press and hold a certain button during can opening. This procedure is also monotonous too, and also requires a level of human energy. To resolve this issue, today we’re here to show you a user friendly Electric Can Opener. Here you’ll not have to do any monotonous job like pressing and holding something for removing can.

What’s for you may choose “Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener?

This is one of the best kitchen tools which will provide you utmost conveniences in opening can. You’ll be able to remove the lid of harder cans in seconds using this amazing tool. It looks like the other ordinary can openers, but its working procedure is quite different. Commonly in a can opener, you’ll have to hold a certain button during running the function. But here you have to place the can under the lever and the tool will do the needful. There’s no need for holding something during the can opening function and that’s really cool. In some can openers, the cutting function will not stop automatically.

In using those you’ll have to keep your discreet eye on the rotation of can. But, in this one, the cutting function will stop automatically after cutting the lid completely. That’s why you may relax after placing the can as it will not sliver the can through over-rotating. Even the cutting of the lid will be smart as the geared wheel will do the smooth rotating.

Look at the features of “Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener,” and other ones!

All these four mentioned below are can openers, but these are of different qualities. Take a repeated look at the below chart to get the point.

Name of The Can Openers


Warranty Period

Customer Ratings

1. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener


3 years

2. Zyliss EasiCan Electronic Can Opener, 4.5", Gray


2 years

3. Kitchen Mama One Touch Electric Can Opener

Red with White

Not Mentioned

4. BLACK+DECKER EasyCut Extra-Tall Can Opener


Not Mentioned

How will this best can opener do the can opening job smoothly?

Here the can opening is the job of its upper part where you’ll see the blade assembly. This one is a motor run one and you’ll have to use it using direct electricity. When you plug the power cord with any direct outlet, it will turn on automatically without pressing anything. When you place your can under the “Guide Posts,” the geared wheel under this tool starts to rotate. Due to such rotation, the can will also rotate because the can will be in touch with the wheel. Now come to the point- how this tool will cut the lid of the can? The manufacturer kept a very sharp stainless steel blade under the lever of this can opener.

This blade will be in direct touch with the rim of the lid all the time. The reason is that you’ll have to lower the lever for positioning the can with the tool. And when you position the can rightly the blade will pierce the rim of the lid. After such piercing when the can will rotate, the lid will be cut roundly. After completing the round shaped cutting, the tool will stop working automatically. The manufacturer kept one magnet with the lever and it will hold the detached lid. Thus in a few seconds, you’ll be able to get the can with the lid removed.

How you have to open can using this “Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener?”

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener, Black

To Buy: $19.95 (originally $40.00) $19.95 at

The use of Electric Can Opener tool is almost the same as the other ordinary can openers. Now we’ll show you the recommended can opening procedure using this one.

  1. After getting this tool in hand first you should take a quick look at the upper part of it. The reason is that you’ll have to attach the can there and other parts are less important for you. At the top front, you see the silver color lever, and a handle is attached with it. This lever is a removable one but you should not remove it unnecessarily. The reason is that it may be loose otherwise, but you may remove it in the time of cleaning. At the left of the lever you see a handle and at the right side a magnet. Below this level you’ll get two nail-like tools, and these are called “Guide Posts.”
  2. Below these two posts, at the middle you’ll see a silver color wafer like tool. The body of this round shaped tool is notched and it is called a geared wheel. The job of this tool is to rotate the can that’s needed for round shaped cutting. You’ll not have to rotate it manually, during the running of this tool, it will rotate automatically. Below some inches of the wheel, you’ll get a black color mark, and it is called “Can Rest.” You’ll have to place the can for opening, above this sign all the time. At the bottom part the Cord Storage is kept, though you’ll not see it as it’s inside the tool.

At Last

  1. As it runs using direct electricity, you have to plug the power cord placed back side with an outlet. After that, place the can under the guide posts, lifting the lever a bit. In the time of placing the can below the posts, you have to place the lid rim of your can. After placing the can, lower the lever a bit and it will hold the can tightly. With such holding you’ll see the rotation of the can start automatically. The rotation will stop automatically when the entire lid is cut roundly. That means when 360 degree cutting is completed then the cutting function is stopped automatically.
  2. If you place the can perfectly below the guide posts, you’ll experience the piercing of the lid. You’ll experience that when you’ll lower the lever, exactly then cutting will be started. For keeping in contact with the blade you’ll have to do anything as it will come in such contact automatically. When the cutting is completed, the magnet kept at the right side of the lever will catch the detached lid. To release the can (opened) from the lever, you’ll have to lift the lever and release it. In the time of removing the detached lid from the magnet, be careful as it may be sharpened.

Some safety measure that you have to take and User friendly features that you’ll enjoy

In using this best kitchen tool, you’ll have to take some safety measures. Now we’ll show these after narrating about some user friendly features.

  1. Single-touch Operation: Commonly in using a can opener you’ll have to do a number of jobs besides attaching the can. In using this can opener, you’ll not have to do many things. You just need to lift the lever and attach the can below the guiding post. It will remove the whole lid from a can, in just this one rotation. Now common users tend to enjoy this single-touch operation in using a can opener.
  2. Removable Activation Lever: In the case of an electric can opener, the activation lever is one of the main parts. Here this part is a removable one and it will provide you utmost convenience in cleaning. With just holding the handle of the lever you may remove it at any time. This removable nature will be helpful for better understanding of the working procedure of it.
  3. No Human Energy Required: Commonly in using an electric can opener, you must press and hold a certain button for running the working. But in the case of this one, you’ll only have to attach the can and lower the lever. This tool will do the remaining part of the can opening, and it will stop automatically. Here this tool will do the whole lid removing procedure without requiring any human energy.

At Last

  1. Using Magnet: In a can opener, the ordinary procedure of removing lid is to remove the detached lid manually. But this Electric Can Opener contains a magnet at the left side of the lever for removing the detached lid. This magnet will hold the detached lid when the cutting will be completed. That’s why the opening procedure of this one will be smarter than any other ones.
  2. Safety Measures: When the lid cutting procedure is running, you should not touch the can or stop the rotation. If you do so, then the can opening procedure will not be smooth, even the blade may be damaged. In the time of removing the detached lid from the magnet you should be extremely cautious. The reason is that the edge of the detached lid is likely to be sharpened. You may clean with water only the parts of it which don’t contain any electric appliances.


  • In using this can opener, you’ll not have to waste your valuable energy as the process is automatic.
  • This tool contains a magnet at the left side of the lever to catch the detached lid.
  • This can opener will stop the working automatically when the cutting roundly the lid will be completed.
  • As the Cord Storage is kept inside the tool, it is so safe to keep in any place.
  • The activation lever is the removable one and that’s why you’ll get some extra conveniences.
  • The handle of the activation lever is longer one and that’s why you’ll be able to use it conveniently.
  • Almost all the users love the “Single-touch Operation” of this best kitchen tool.
  • This can opener is durable enough to hold and rotate any heavier can easily.
  • As the can opening process is automatic you’ll be able to remove lids very rapidly.
  • You’ll really enjoy the use of the great Cuisinart-quality motor, and three years longer warranty is applicable here.


  • This can opener doesn’t contain any system to make the edge of the lid smooth.
  • The base part of this tool is a bit spacious, and that’s why it will occupy much space.
  • Using this can opener you’ll not be able to open the angular cans as it will rotate the can.

Frequently Asked Question

Ans. – No, you may clean it occasionally or when the tool, especially the blade assembly will be messy.

Ans. – If you can attach the can with the tool perfectly then you’ll experience the piercing of the lid.

Ans. – You just need to attach the can below the guide post and lower the lever, it will automatically touch the wheel.

Ans. – It’s not a problem as after accomplishing the can opening the can will remain with the tool.

Ans. – It is not urgently necessary as the machine will stop working automatically when the cutting is completed.

Ans. – If you can attach the can perfectly then one rotation will be enough to open the lid, so it’s unnecessary.

Ans. – No, you may move it anywhere as it is of 2.6 pounds and durable enough to keep the parts safe.

Ans. – You may open all types of cans if that can becomes round shaped as it will rotate the can.

Ans. – You just need to lift the activation lever a bit, and then the attachment becomes loose.

Is this can opener the right choice for automatic can opening?

This best kitchen tool will do all the necessary opening procedures automatically using the motor power. Due to having auto shut off feature it will not sliver your can in any ways. All the procedure is open and there’s even no little chance of damaging the can. If you want to get a can opener for opening cans without using your energy, it will be the best.

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