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Dash DMW001RD Machine for Individual, Paninis, Hash Browns, & other Mini waffle maker, 4 inch, Red

Paninis, Hash Browns, Mini waffle maker

Almost we all tend to enjoy Hash Browns, waffles, or something like that in our snacks. Especially kids like these types of food as these are tastier and crunchier. But is it easy to make all these in our home or do we know to make these? Certainly it seems easy to some, but still it’s difficult to many of us. If you want to make waffles, hash brown or similar foods manually it will obviously take a longer period. And the quality of the made food will not be restaurant grade and certainly you’ll not like that. But using a professional tool, you may make all these in minutes, and the made waffle will be mouthwatering one. In this article, we’ll show you how you may use the best waffle maker to make tastier snacks every day.

What’s the tool that we’re going to show you for making waffles in minutes?

This best kitchen tool is an electricity run tool and brought to you by DASH. It’s a red color machine and it will do the ordinary work applying heat on the food items. This one is lighter than ordinary kitchen tools as its weight is 1.2 Pounds. You’ll be able to adjust this 5 x 6 x 2.8 inches dimensioned waffle maker at any tight corner. There’s no system of setting timer, temperature, or any option relating to the making waffle. You just need to place raw food items whatever it is liquid, soft, or otherwise. This tool will do the remaining part of the making waffle or hash brown. So it’s very easy and a boy can make waffles using it in minutes that will also be perfect-grade. It contains two parts- upper and lower, and you may fold it while you don’t use it. Lifting the upper part you have to place the food materials here and it’s understandable at the first sight. Due to its inside design, the made food will also be professional grade and it will look so pretty.

How will this Dash DMW001RD waffle maker function for making tastier foods?

This best kitchen tool contains some electric appliances inside though these are not visible. Like the ordinary cooking tools, it will apply heat on the foods. The inside appliances will be heated up when you plug its power cord with an electric outlet. This heat will affect the surface of the tool on where you’ll have to place raw food items. Commonly it takes some minutes for properly heating up and here you’ll not have the option to change the temperature. The inside surface of this waffle maker where you’ll have to place food materials, is jagged. This jagged body has been kept for providing the food items a pretty looking design. And it will provide the food items such design if you place liquid for making any waffle. The reason is that it contains the jagged body at both the surfaces and that’s not detachable. So after placing the raw food items in this tool, you’ll get the made designed waffle in minutes. More or less the “belgian waffle maker” or “Cuisinart waffle maker” follow the same procedure.

Compare Dash DMW001RD Machine with similar waffle makers

Before choosing one for you, try to understand the features of these four. That will help you to make the right decision for choosing the best waffle maker.

Name of The Waffle Makers



Customer Rating

1. Dash DMW001RD Machine for Individual, Paninis, Hash Browns, & other Mini waffle maker

5 x 6 x 2.8 inches

1.2 pounds

2. Dash DGMS03GBCL Mini Maker Grill, Griddle + Waffle

6.3 x 5 x 3 inches

4.29 pounds

3. Dash DEWM8100RD Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine

10 x 8 x 4 inches

3.59 pounds

4. Dash MINI 4" Waffle Iron With The Best Keto Chaffle Recipe Book

10.39 x 4.02 x 1.3 inches

1.81 pounds

How to use this best waffle maker for making tastier waffles or hash brown?

Paninis, Hash Browns, Mini waffle maker

To Buy: $9.99 at amazon.

This kitchen tool is very easy to use as you’ll not have to select different options here. In using this tool, you just need to do some petty work, we’re going to discuss below.

  • This waffle maker contains “dual non-stick surfaces” and these are not detachable, but easy to open. The upper surface contains a blue color indicator light and the lower surface contains four non-slip feet. With these feet, you’ll be able to keep it in any place and that place will not be hot. At the front of the upper part, you’ll see an extended part and that’s called the handle. With this handle you’ll have to lift the upper part for placing food items in it. But before that you’ll have to heat this tool for making it ready for placing food items.
  • So, plug the power cord first and keep it idle for a while to preheat this tool. When you plug the cord you’ll see the illumination of the blue color indicator light at the upper surface. Then make ready the liquid items with which you’ll make the waffle. Now if everything is okay, then lift the upper surface holding the handle of that. Now you have to pour the liquid on the lower surface as much as you need. But in no case you should overfill the lower surface with pouring liquid in it. Now if you pour all the liquid in the lower surface, close the upper surface.
  • Here the closing of the upper surface is necessary as it’s important to apply heat and pressure from both sides. There’s no button, clip, or something like that for ensuring the closing of the surface. You just need to squeeze the upper surface a bit, and that will rightly close the upper surface. After that, wait for a while as it may take minutes to complete the waffle making function. Sometimes you’ll see the steaming from this waffle maker if the procedure is completed. Here the timing of accomplishing a waffle making session is dependent on the nature of the food items.
  • It is not the auto shut-off feature enabled one so you have to unplug the power cord manually. So keep notice of the tool if you think that the waffle making session is about to complete. Though for the nature of the surface you’ll not see the sticking of food, the flavor will remain. So, after completing one session you have to clean the upper and lower surface inside the tool properly. But such cleaning is not necessary if you make the same waffle or hash brown for more than once. You may make waffles repeatedly, and in that case, you’ll have to preheat it only for the first time.

Cool features that you’ll be able to enjoy in using Dash DMW001RD mini waffle maker

In this best kitchen tool you’ll be able to enjoy a fast waffle making session. Now we’ll show you some amazing features of this tool besides that one.

  1. Jagged Surface: Inside this tool, the upper and lower surfaces of this waffle maker are jagged. Due to such jagged design, the surface of the made waffle will be also of jagged design. But such jagged design will not minimize the space inside the tool as there’ll be sufficient space. For the nature of the surfaces of this tool, the made waffle will look so pretty and restaurant grade.          
  • Non-slip Feet: You know keeping the tool stand is important all the time in making waffles. Sometimes you’ll have to open the upper part of this tool in the time of pouring food items in it. For keeping this tool stand automatically, the manufacturer kept here 4 feet at the bottom of this tool. These will keep this tool standing all the time and these are non-slip and that’s why it will function well. 
  • Easy to Clean Tool: The manufacturer kept here non-stick surfaces and that is made without PFOA. So you’ll not see here food sticking after completing the waffle making procedure. During running the function, the tool will be closed and that’s why food splitting will not occur. For these features in it, you’ll not have to face any complexity in cleaning this tool.    
  • Lightweight and Less Dimensioned: Commonly a kitchen tool that we used to cook something is of 4 to 5 pounds weight. But this waffle maker’s weight is only 1.2 pounds and its dimension is only 5 x 6 x 2.8 inches. You’ll be able to lift this in one hand and may adjust it in any tighter space in your kitchen. Due to such a compact design of this waffle maker, you’ll be able to make something using it conveniently. 
  • Friendly to Newbie: Generally in a cooking tool, there’s so many options that you’ll have to select before starting the cooking. But this one’s quite different in the sense that you’ll not have to select any option for making waffles. You just need to place food materials in it after connecting it with an electrical outlet. It will do the remaining job of making waffles automatically, and you’ll have to do nothing.


  1. It is very simple to use as you’ll not have to select even the common options like timer or temperature.
  2. You may place it anywhere in your kitchen as it contains 4 non-slip feet in the bottom of it.
  3. Due to the Jagged Surface inside this waffle maker, you’ll get the designed waffle automatically.
  4. There’ll be no splitting of foods as you’ll close the upper part for running the waffle making function.
  5. In this best kitchen tool, just 3 minutes is more than enough for making “single-serve dishes.”
  6. Due to the handle kept with the upper part, it will be easy for you to open this kitchen tool.
  7. The blue color indicator light of it will show you when this tool will be ready for placing food items.
  8. As the temperature is pre-selected all the time the made waffle will be of the same quality always.
  9. You may make waffles, hash brown or something like that using it continuously for a longer period.
  10. For using this one, using any accessories is not necessary and a manufacturer warranty for 1 year is available here.


  1. If any food items require much heat, you’ll not be able to apply such heat as the heating is pre-selected.
  2. As this one’s not auto shut off enabled one, you’ll have to keep notice on when the function is completed.
  3. While running the waffle making function, you’ll not be able to understand what’s going on inside.

 Frequently Asked Question

1. When I have to place the food materials inside this waffle maker?

Ans. – After plugging the power cord when the preheating time is completed then you may place food materials.

2. How may I pour liquids or place any food materials in this tool?

Ans. – You just need to open the tool by lifting the upper part holding the handle, and place food.

3. How long will it need to complete one waffle making session?

Ans. – Commonly it depends on the food materials you placed in it, but ordinarily 2 to 3 minutes is enough.

4. Is it really needed to close the upper part of this tool during waffle making?

Ans. – Yes, it is needed as you’ll see the food splitting otherwise, and in that case design will not be perfect.

5. How much food may I place in it at a time?

Ans. – There’s no limitation mentioned in the performance details, but you should pour as much as it can hold. 

6. Is there any restriction like you should not place certain food items?

Ans. – No, you may place any food items in it, there’s no such limitation or prohibition.

7. How may I clean this waffle maker after a waffle making session?

Ans. – Just wash two surfaces of this tool, but you should not immerse the whole maker as it contains electric appliances.

8. Will this waffle maker package include only the bare tool?

Ans. – This package will include the waffle maker and a recipe book where different recipes will be in.

9. How may I be sure that the waffle making is about to complete?

Ans. – When it is about to complete, you’ll see some signs like steaming from inside or so.

10. Is cleaning after every session necessary for all the time?

Ans. – No, it is only necessary when you’ll make waffles different from the previous one.

Final verdict- is this waffle maker the right choice for a larger family?

This best kitchen tool is small sized and lightweight, but you may run it for longer hours. You may keep it on as long as you need to, so making a huge number is possible here. No matter what size your family is, you may use Dash DMW001RD waffle maker, certainly it will meet your needs.

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