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Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Double, Black

Electric Hot Burner

Needless to say, cooking is our day to day need and generally, we use ordinary stoves for that. But, the nature of kitchen tools are changing as the people’s liking has been over the years. Today, people prefer electric burners to ordinary gas stoves as the electric ones can provide some awesome conveniences. In an electric burner, you’ll have full control over the heating that you’ll not get in alternative other systems. That’s why different kitchen tool manufacturing companies are now offering electric burners but all those are not the same.

Some are single, on which you’ll be able to place only one pan at a time. Some are not like single ones and those will allow cooking with two pans at a time. Today, we’re going to show you a double burner using which you’ll be able to enjoy a superb cooking session. It’s Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner and it’s one of the best kitchen tools.  

What you’ll get in using this best double electric burner?

It’s a black color electric burner that contains “Dual Heating Element.” That’s why you’ll be able to place two pans filled with foods on these heating elements at a time. But the size of these two is not the same- one is 6.5″ and the other is only 5″. This tool contains “Dual Temperature Control Knob” for separately controlling the temperature of each of the burners. Here 4 temperature settings are allowed and these are warm, low, medium, and high. Temperature Control Knobs are placed at both sides, so you may run cooking in different temperatures at a time. So you’ll be able to cook different types of foods requiring different levels of temperature. Two red color lights have been kept here and these will show you necessary indications regarding power.

These lights add some safety measure as you’ll be able to detect problems early due to those. The heating elements are superbly effective and can apply heat properly as these are of “aluminum die cast.”  You’ll really enjoy the cooking session as it will run the cooking session with 1500 Watts. While the similar other ones run the cooking function with 1000 watts or some more. Here the cooking plates are non-stick and that’s why you’ll be able to clean it conveniently when need be.

Take a look on the comparison of Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner and similar others

Before ordering an electric burner for you, you should compare it with similar other electric burners. It will help you to choose the best one, so take a look on the chart below-

Name of The electric Burners

Dual Burner


Customer Rating

1. Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner



2. CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate for Cooking Portable Single Burner



3. SUNAVO Electric Infrared Burner, 1200W Stainless Steel Single Burner



4. Ovente 7 Inch Single Hot Plate Electric Glass Infrared Stove, 1000 Watt Portable Cooktop Countertop Kitchen Burner



How will this Best Kitchen Tool run the cooking function in different temperatures at the same time?

Simply like the other cooking tools, this dual electric burner will apply heat on the pan you placed on it. Here the manufacturer kept two cooking plates inside this tool. While you plug its power cord, the motor inside this dual burner will be activated. And that will heat the heating plates on which you’ll have to place the cooking pans with food. When you set a certain level of temperature by turning the control knob, the plates will be heated accordingly. As the plates of this dual burner heated enough, it will work like a stove.

When you place any pan containing food on it, the food in the pan will be cooked with the heat. If you set different temperatures at two sides, this tool will produce different temperatures in burners at the same time. Thus you’ll be able to cook different foods with different temperature at the same time here.

How to use Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner perfectly in everyday’s cooking?

Electric Hot Burner

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This best kitchen tool is for all types of cooking as it can produce different temperatures. Now we’ll show you how you may use this tool for cooking different items every day.

  1. On the very first day you get this tool, you may start to use it if you know the use. A user manual will be in the package, you should take help from that if something seems fishy to you. But the outward appearance of this tool is easy to understand that we’re going to describe now. You’ll have to plug the cord of it first and it works well with “120Volt AC outlet.” After plugging the cord with an outlet, you’ll have to change the temperature control knob setting. The reason is that it will be in the off position while you’ll get this tool in hand.
  • In the temperature control knob, you’ll get four settings- warm, low, medium, and high. Here the warm setting is for maintaining the temperature of already cooked food. So you should not use it for cooking any food or for reheating refrigerated foods. And you may use this function for ordinarily warming foods for less than 2 hours. Before using it for the first time, you should run this dual burner in the low setting for 15 minutes. This type of running will remove the odor and smoke, that’s also necessary.
  • Commonly for cooking curry, or common vegetables you may run cooking on the medium setting. And the high setting is for cooking such foods which require very high temperature in cooking. Commonly we apply this setting in cooking meat with bones or something like that. Keeping the same setting on both burners isn’t mandatory, you may set the same or different that’s up to you. Even you may run the cooking on one side keeping the other side empty. Whatever temperature you want to set, you’ll be able to do that by turning the temperature knob.
  • After setting the temperature, you may place a pan filled with food for cooking. You may place here any type of pan filled with foods on any side, it’s of such nature. But here you should not place bare food without any pan or pot. Whatever you want to cook here you’ll have to place the food in the pot or pan. The time limit of cooking is dependent on the nature of the food, and it’s not auto-shut off enabled one. So when the cooking will be completed you’ll have to turn off this dual burner. You may do so by turning the controlling knob back to the off position. 

Some cool features of this best kitchen tool among the good many ones

This dual burner contains almost all the user friendly features that you’ll really enjoy. Now we’ll show you the main 5 of these features, for which you’ll really like it.

  1. Four Temperature Settings: Commonly an electric burner contains only one setting with which you’ll have to run the cooking. But, this one contains four temperature settings, from keeping warm to high setting. With these settings, you’ll be able to cook almost all the foods for which we use gas stoves or ovens. Even for keeping the cooked foods warm, this best kitchen tool keeps a separate setting: warm.      
  • Two Slots: You know this is not a single burner which allows only one slot at a time. Rather it contains two slots that mean you’ll be able to put two pans on it at a time. Separate temperature controlling options are in there for these two. That’s why you may cook different foods with these two burners at different temperatures at the same time. So you’ll be able to complete your day’s cooking so rapidly, with this best dual burner.                     
  • Power Indicators: When you plug the power cord of this electric burner you’ll see the illumination of indicator lights. And these lights will illuminate as long as you keep the tool turned on. These lights are of red color and if everything is okay then you’ll obviously see the illumination. Such illumination will help you to understand everything inside this tool goes on perfectly.   
  • Easy Clean Up: The material of it is aluminum, and it contains a plain body. Here you’ll not see any hard to reach areas and that’s why you’ll be able to clean it easily. Like the other electric burners, this one contains cooking plates but the plates are non-stick. As it contains electrical appliances, immersion of this dual burner is not allowed. For that reason, you may easily clean this tool with a wet cloth or tissue.      
  • Awesome Heat Distribution: This best electric burner will not apply heat on the pan placed on it, from any corner. Rather even heat distribution is superbly possible here. The reason is that the manufacturer kept “heavy duty cast iron flat plate” in this tool. That’s superbly effective in providing even heat on the food pan placed on this tool. For this reason, the cooking of every food with this burner will be perfect and restaurant grade.


  1. Here you’ll be able to set four temperature settings- warm, low, medium, and high.
  2. This best kitchen tool is a dual burner system allowing the user to place two pans at a time. 
  3. Due to having “heavy duty cast iron flat plate” there’ll be even heat distribution all the time.
  4. For having non-stick cooking plates in it, easy clean up is possible in this best electric burner.
  5. Due to having two temperature control knobs you may run cooking with different temperatures at a time.
  6. You may cook here with all types of cookware like- stainless steel, cast iron, copper, etc.
  7. With 155 watts of power, you’ll be able to enjoy fast and efficient cooking that you’ll really like.
  8. Due to its 18.5 x 11.5 x 3.65 inches dimension, you may adjust it in a small kitchen.
  9. You may place it in any place as it will not make the place hotter, on which you’ll keep it.  
  10. The name of the temperature settings are written on the control knobs that will make the use of it easy.


  1. As this electric burner is not auto shut off enabled one, you’ll have to turn it off manually in time.
  2. In it, you’ll not be able to set any timer and it will not show you any indication for completion.
  3. The weight of this electric burner is 5.69 pounds, so you’ll not be able to move it conveniently.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What does the warm setting indicate in this electric burner?

Ans. – Here you may set the warm setting if you want to keep some cooked food warm for long hours.

2. How much time I may keep the tool running in the warm setting?

Ans. – You may keep the tool running in the warm setting up to 2 hours, not more than that.

3. Why is it recommended to run it in the low setting before cooking for the first time?

Ans. – If you do so for only 15 minutes before first cooking, it will prevent the odor and smoke.  

4. Is cleaning necessary after using this tool every time?

Ans. – No, as a tool for applying heat, cleaning it once or twice in a month is enough.

5. How may I clean this dual electric burner?

Ans. – You may use wet cloth and wipe the tool, but in no case you should immerse it.

6. Which setting may I use for reheating the cooked refrigerator food?

Ans. – You may use the low or medium setting for such reheating, but not the warm setting.

7. How may I be sure that the plugging has been done perfectly?

Ans. – If you plug the power cord perfectly with an outlet, you’ll see the illumination of the red indicator lights.

8. Where may I place this electric burner during cooking?

Ans. – Wherever you place this tool that’s not a matter as it will not make the place hotter.

9. How long will it take to complete the cooking?

Ans. – It depends on the food nature, but for decreasing the time you may select the high setting.

10. Is there anything prohibited for placing on for cooking?

Ans. – You should not place food here with plastic pots or something which can’t sustain against heat.

May I use this tool as an alternative to the gas stoves or other heat applying tools?   

This Best Kitchen Tool will apply heat on the pans placed on it, like the gas stoves. You may run it for cooking meals or snacks for as long as you need. If you want to run cooking for all day long, you’ll find it effective. So if you use this one, you’ll not have to use any other tools for cooking foods by applying heat. 

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