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HOTLOGIC Food Warming Tote, Lunch Bag 120V, Black – Food Warmer and Heater – Lunch Box for Office, Travel, Potlucks, and Home Kitchen

Food Warming Tote

Sometimes we need to warm foods immediately and in such a case we use stoves or something like that. But we can’t cook food or make the food warm without necessary prep work. To cook or warm foods we obviously go through certain steps or have to make some arrangements. But if we want to warm food immediately without going through ordinary steps, the common warming tools show poor performance. But sometimes we need to warm foods immediately in our home and outside, for ourselves or for our guests. For meeting such needs, commonly people use ordinary Warming Totes as these are smarter than other warming tools. Besides using such a tool in your kitchen, you may carry warm foods in it.

Ordinarily these tools look like a bag in which you may carry warm foods for you. Such an amazing bag contains all the arrangements to warm foods in just minutes. It is not only for heating food items but also for retaining the heat inside for long hours. Today we’ll show you the best warming tote that is brought to you by “HOTLOGIC.”

What’s the tool that will provide you with warm foods immediately?

It is one of the best kitchen tools that we use for immediately warming or for storing foods. This one is an electricity-run tool, and simply looks like an ordinary black color bag. All the arrangements of heating foods are in the bag and you have to place foods in a container. If you place cold or normal foods in it and plug its cord, it will provide warm foods in minutes. After warming foods with it, if you keep the food inside, it will stay warm for 12 hours. Most amazing is that it is allowed to place different types of food containers in it.

No matter whatever the food container is- glass, metal, foil, plastic, cardboard, and the like. This warming tote will show you excellent performance in all the cases. You may carry this tool anywhere you need, keeping it empty or with different containers. It’s really easy to carry as its weight is only 1.41 pounds, and contains a handle for carry. Here you have not to press on any buttons, or any type of monitoring is required. So you may safely use it if you need to heat or reheat foods and safely store the cooked foods.

Take a look on the features of HOTLOGIC Food Warming Tote and similar others

To choose the best warming tote for you, you should take a look on the following chart. This chart contains some important aspects of this tote and some others. 

Name of The Warming Totes


Temperature Holding Time   

Customer Rating

1. HOTLOGIC Food Warming Tote

1.41 pounds

12 hours

2. HotLogic 16801155-BLK Food Warming Tote

3.52 pounds

12 hours

3. Koolatron LBS-01 Black 12 Volt Lunch Box Stove

2.85 pounds

Not Mentioned

4. Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box

2.5 pounds

Not Mentioned

How does this Best Warming Tote will do the needful?

There’s similarity in the working procedure of an electric griddle and that of this one. A black color heating object is kept in this tote and you have to keep the food containers on that. Power cord is attached with the tote and while you plug it with an outlet it’ll produce heat. Simply in this way, this warming tote will make the cold foods warm in a short time. In this warming tote, there’s no buttons or temperature controlling option. So the heating level will be the same all the time and there’s no system of increasing or decreasing.

Now come to the point- how it keeps the food warm for a longer period? Keeping some warm foods inside this tool, if you close the zipper, then the inside temperature will not come out. And the “ALUMINIUM LINING” inside this tool makes the heat retention superbly possible. That’s why when you reheat any food with it and keep the food inside it will keep the food warm.

How to use this best warming tote for enjoying warm foods every day?

Food Warming Tote

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The use of this tool is very simple as you’ll not have to control anything like- timer or temperature. In this best kitchen tool, you’ll have to place food and keep inside for some time.

  1. This bag contains a zipper and when you’ll get this tote you’ll see the zipper closed. With it, you’ll get a user manual and that will show you everything regarding this food Warming tote. You’ll see a black color 2-pin cord attached with it, and you’ll have to plug it in for warming anything. Before first time use, you should clean it with a wet towel and then you may warm anything you need. For making anything warm you have to place that thing in a container. Here different types of containers are allowed to place but you should not place bare foods.
  • You’ll see a black color tray like tool inside this tote, and you have to place containers on that tool. Then you may close the zipper of this tote or you may keep it open. Just wait for a while, after keeping the food containers inside, with the power cord plugged with an outlet. After passing such time, you’ll see the food in the containers become warm. There’s no buttons or options to select in this warming tote for changing temperature. Here you’ll have to do only two things- placing food containers and plugging the power cord.
  • If you want to apply more heat then you’ll have to keep the tote plugged for a longer period. There’s no other option to apply more heat on the foods of the containers you placed inside. If you keep the zipper closed while running the warming function then the warming completion will be hard to understand. So you may open once to check whether the warming is complete or not. If you want to keep the warm temperature of foods for long hours then keep the zipper closed.
  • When the zipper is in a closed position, the temperature of the container’s food will not come out. In that case, you’ll be able to keep the food warm for more than 12 hours. Keeping the food containers inside this tote, you may carry it anywhere you need. You may keep more than one container at a time in the case of warming or storing. As you’ll place only food containers in it, it will not be necessary to clean it from time to time. But, you should not use any abrasive materials for cleaning the inside and outside the tote.

Some amazing aspects of HOTLOGIC Food Warming Tote that you’ll really like

This best kitchen tool (Food Warming tote) contains a good many convenient features that you’ll enjoy in warming foods. Now we’ll show you only five of those features, that the common users crave for.

  1. Perfectly Cooked:  This tool evenly reheats food that will be perfect for cooking different foods. If you want to cook food even for an hour you’ll not see any burning, or any other complexities. In a very short time, it will provide you superbly cooked foods like a super quality electric griddle. You may use this warming tote in reheating frozen meals, or cooking any food.
  • Comfortable to Carry: Commonly, you’ll not be able to carry any electric griddle or ordinary stove with you. But you may carry it conveniently with you as it contains a handle at the middle. Even the weight of it is only 1.41 pounds so it will not be hard to carry with one hand. Even if you place one or more food containers in it, it will also seem lightweight then.            
  • Allowing Different Types of Containers: In an ordinary gas stove or griddle, you have to place only a type of container. That may be of metal, silver or something like that, but in this one you may place whatever you like. Here you may place any food container of glass, metal, silver, plastic, or similar others.        
  • Requires No Monitoring: In cooking foods with any ordinary tool you’ll have to keep your discreet eye on that tool. The reason is that you have to be sure about one thing: everything is going okay. But in the case of this tool, you’ll have nothing to set or change. You just have to place food containers in it and after that you may relax. It will do the needful: reheating or cooking foods.
  • Holding Temps: An ordinary cooking tool doesn’t hold temperature for longer hours. If you place the cooked food on a stove or griddle, that will not keep foods warm for hours. But this warming tote can and will retain heat for a long time. That’s why you may keep the food containers inside and it will keep the foods warm for 12 hours.


  1. This best kitchen tool can keep the food warm for up to 12 hours, that’s really amazing.
  2. Due to its heat reflective interior the heat maintaining will be proper and effective for providing a super-grade meal.
  3. Here the manufacturer keeps Smart Shelf Technology, so there’s no button or programs.
  4. Double zippers have been used here, so there’ll be no chance of coming out of inside temperature.
  5. You may carry this best warming tote like an ordinary portable case in office, travel, or wherever you want.
  6. For reheating any types of frozen foods, this warming tote is a superbly effective one.
  7. Here no monitoring is required, so you may relax after placing food containers in this tool.
  8. Due to the ALUMINIUM LINING the heat retention will be the maximum all the time.    
  9. As it contains double zippers in this tote, your food will be safe and all types of germ-free.
  10. In this warming tote, you’ll be able to place different types of food containers at a time.


  1. There’s no system of automatically shutting this warming tote, so you’ll have to do it manually.
  2. In it, there’s a handle in only one place- at the middle of it, so it’s sometimes hard to carry.
  3. It can contain only 1.5 qt food at a time, that’s less than many other warming totes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of food may I place here for warming or cooking?

Ans. – You may place any type of food here- soft, hard, or even liquid it’s for all types of foods.

2. Where do I have to place the food containers for warming foods?

 Ans. – You’ll get a black color plate-like tool inside this tote, just place food on that tool.

3. May I place bare foods inside this tool for warming?

Ans. – You should not do that as that will make the inside environment messy.

 4. How long will this tote keep the food warm?

Ans. – If you make something warm and keep it inside, it will keep that warm for 12 hours.

5. What do I have to do to keep the inside foods warm?

Ans. – You just have to keep the zipper closed, no other action is required here.

6. Will the smell of inside food spread during heating up?

Ans. – No, if you keep the zipper closed while heating up, the inside smell will not come out.   

7. How may I increase or decrease heating up level?

Ans. – There’s no system of increasing or decreasing, you may just warm food for a longer or shorter time.

8. How will it retain the warmness of food for long hours?

Ans. – The heat reflective interior inside this warming tote makes such heat retention possible.

9. What’s the heating quality of this warming tote?

Ans. – It will heat up food without drying it out, and will take a very short time.

10. What’s the food holding capacity of this warming tote?

Ans. – The food holding capacity of this tote is 1.5 qt or 48 oz, and you may place different items.

Final saying- Is it the right option for warming different foods?

This best kitchen tool will provide you warm foods in minutes and you may carry it anywhere. This one will be enough for enjoying warm foods in your home, office, travel and the like. You may carry this tool with you as it is light weight and so easy to carry. So if you want to enjoy warm foods in a very short time you may choose this best warming tote. Certainly it will satisfy you to the nth degree with the super quality output and all its convenient features.   

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