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George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press, Black, GRP1060B

Removable Plate Grill

Making snacks is one of the everyday jobs that we perform in our kitchen. And commonly we use gas stoves, electric griddles or something like that for making some common items. But ordinarily these tools will apply heat on the food items, nothing more than that. That’s why we face some difficulties in making snacks and sometimes it also creates a bad impact on our health. The reason is that there’s no system of removing fat in ordinary heat applying tools. And such ordinary tools are not designed specifically for grilling different foods speedily. Today we’re going to review a kitchen tool that’s for effectively and conveniently grilling something at a faster speed. The grilled food with it will also be healthier than the common others in so many aspects.

What’s the best kitchen tool that is for grilling conveniently?

Commonly we use ordinary heat applying tools for grilling something and these will heat up foods. But there’ll be no arrangements of removing oil or fat as these tools apply heat in a closed environment. But this one keeps an open space at the front side and that will collect the unnecessary fat from foods. When you place a food item in it, during grilling it will remove up to 42% of fats from that. This tool has enough space inside it for 4 servings at a time and that’s great. You’ll see “Advanced Non-Stick Coating” on the plates of this tool and you’ll have to place food on those. You’ll be happy to know this non-stick coating is highly durable and efficient in oil removing. The plate kept in this tool is easily detachable and that’s why you’ll be able to clean these conveniently. Two indicator lights have been kept here for showing you two important indications. Due to the high quality electric appliances in this tool, the heating up of foods will be 35% faster. This grill contains a drip tray at the front side so removed oil will not make your kitchen dirty. The oil or fat that the tool removes will be in the drip tray and it has enough space.  

How will this best grill machine provide you healthier & tastier grilled items?

This is an electric tool and produces necessary heat for grilling something using the electric appliances inside it. When you connect it with an electricity line it will start to heat up the appliances immediately below the plates. On impact of that the plates will be heated up and you’ll have to place food on these plates. Thus it will accomplish the grilling function in minutes, now come to the point of removing fat. The front side of this tool is open and you may run the grilling function, without closing the upper part. When it will apply heat on a food containing fats, the oil in it will go away. The reason is that the lower plate of this tool is a bit sloppy. So when this tool will apply heat and there’s steaming, the oil or fat in it will be removed automatically. Thus, in minutes, you’ll get the grilled items and the fats of that food will be in the drip tray.    

Comparison of George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill with similar others 

Before taking a decision regarding ordering any grill machine, you should take a look at the chart below. This chart shows the qualities of four grill machines including this one.

Name of The Grill Machines

Fat Removing System


Customer Rating

1. George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill


12 x 12 x 6.5 inches

2. George Foreman Rapid Grill Series, 5-Serving


6.14 x 15.67 x 13.94 inches

3. Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic Sandwich Panini Maker Grilled Cheese Machine


9.18 x 7.21 x 4.02 inches

4. Ovente Electric Sandwich Grill Waffle Maker


11.42 x 7.12 x 4.76 inches

How to use George Foreman Grill perfectly being a newbie?

Removable Plate Grill

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This best kitchen tool is easy to use one as you’ll not have to set so many options here. Now we’re going to show you the step by step procedure for using this grill machine. 

  1. When you’ll get this best kitchen tool in hand you’ll see all the parts are attached and ready to use. Before grilling something for the first time you should clean it with wet cloth or tissue. And then take a look on the outward appearance of this tool for understanding the functions of different parts. At the top surface of this tool, you’ll see two indicator lights of red and green color. Here the red light is the indicator for power and the green light is the indicator for preheating. The power indicator will turn on when you plug its power cord placed at the back side.
  • But, before placing food in this machine you’ll have to keep it turned on for 4.5 minutes. That’s the preheating time and when the machine will be ready to cook then the green color light will illuminate. In the upper and lower part there’ll be black color plates on which you’ll have to place food items. At the front side of this tool, you’ll see a wide tool that is called the drip tray. This tray is a removable one but you have to place it at front, if the food items are oily. Here you’ll have to place the bare food in this tool, not with any container or something like that.
  • If you’re ready to grill something using this one then first you should plug the cord of it. Then you may place the bare food items when the green color light turns on. After placing food in it, you may keep the upper part open or close as you like. But if you keep the upper part open, the design of both surfaces of the grilled food will be different. In that case the lower surface of the food will be notched and the upper surface will be plain. It will start the grilling function as soon as you place food in it, as you’ll place after preheating.
  • In this best kitchen tool, the grilling function will take only minutes. If the items you placed in it contain any fat, then you’ll see that oil comes out from inside. This oil will pour in the drip tray and thus it will remove fat from the grilled food. After some minutes if you think that the grilling is completed then unplug the tool and bring out made food. This machine doesn’t keep any indicator light or so, for showing you that the function is completed. After completing the function, allow some time to become cool and then clean it with water.

Some attractive features of George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill

In this best kitchen tool, you’ll really enjoy some attractive features in grilling something. For all these user friendly features, you’ll really enjoy the grilling session with it.

  1. Designed for Removing Fat: Commonly the food cooking tools don’t contain any system for removing fat from the food items. But this one is efficient in removing fat and it will make the grilled food crunchier. The sloppy design of the plate of the lower part makes this thing possible. From food items, this machine can remove up to 42% fat, and thus it will provide you healthier output.
  • Easy Cleanup: In this best kitchen tool, the food will come in contact with the plates of upper and lower part. There is no hard to reach area in these parts, so you’ll be able to clean this tool easily. Even the plates of this one are removable and that’s why you may clean it in seconds. The detaching procedure is so easy and any non-professional may detach the plates of it at any time.
  • Drip Tray: Ordinarily, you’ll not see the drip tray in common electric cooking tools. But this one kept the drip tray, and its job is to collect the oil or fat coming out from inside. The capacity of the tray is enough for storing the fat of four pieces of meat at a time. Here the tray is a detachable one and that’s why you’ll be able to clean it so easily.
  • Easy to Cook: in this cooking tool, you’ll not have to select any option like degree of temperature or so. Here all the options are pre-set and you just need to place raw food items in it. Here the closing of the tool is not mandatory, so you may keep it open to turn items upside down. That will make the food items perfectly grilled from all the sides and the cooking will be easier to you.      
  • Four Serving: You know there are plates on which you’ll have to place food items. For placing food items you’ll get nearly 12 inches area in these plates in length and width. Such an area is enough for placing 4 serving at a time, and that will not affect the cooking quality. If you place 4 servings at a time, you’ll not have to place food repeatedly in it.


  1. This grill machine can remove unnecessary fats from food items, and that’s really great.
  2. The plates are detachable from the tool, so it will be easier for you to clean perfectly.
  3. As the plate of the lower part is a bit sloppy the unnecessary oil will come in the drip tray.
  4. Due to the Non-Stick Surface in this tool, the application of heat will really perfect grade.
  5. In this best kitchen tool, you’ll be able to place 4 larger pieces of meat at a time.
  6. As there’s no option to set before grilling, the using procedure will be easier to the new users.     
  7. “35% faster heat-up” is one of the important features of this best kitchen tool.
  8. Due to the indicator lights you’ll be able to understand some necessary conditions of this tool.
  9. You may make tastier grilled foods continuously for a longer period with this one.
  10. Here you’ll have the option to turn items upside down as you may keep the upper part open.


  1. It will take 4.5 minutes time always for preheating, so the cooking period will be lengthy.
  2. As there’s no auto shut off system, there’s a possibility of overheating, that’s really problematic.
  3. As the temperature is preset and there’s no option for changing you’ll not be able to increase or decrease temperature.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What’s the indication of the green color indicator light?

Ans. – The green color light is for the preheating, and it will illuminate at the ends of preheating.

2. What’s the job that I have to do at first for starting the cooking?

 Ans. – First up, you should plug the power cord as passing the preheating time is necessary for starting the cooking. 

3. How will this tool remove the fats from the foods?

Ans. – The plate of the lower part is sloppy, and the tool will apply heat, thus it will remove fat.

4. If I close the upper part of this tool then what difference will be in the food?

Ans. – there’ll be no difference in quality but the jagged design will not be on both sides.

5. Is it needed to clean the entire tool after completing a cooking session?

Ans. – No, only you have to clean the parts which came in contact with the food items i.e. plates.

6. How much time the preheating and cooking will take for grilling something?

Ans. – The preheating time is always constant- 4.5 minutes, and commonly cooking will take 4 to 5 minutes.

7. Is this tool ideal for grilling different foods at a time?

Ans. – You may place different foods at a time, but you should not mix oily and non-oily foods.

8. May I immerse this tool fully or partly for cleaning it?

Ans. – You may immerse the dishwasher safe parts, suppose, the plates of it, but not the entire tool.

9. Is passing the preheating time mandatory for all the time?

Ans. – For the first session it is mandatory but for cooking continuously there’s no need of preheating.

10. May I grill already grilled items with this tool?

Ans. – Of course, you may do so if it doesn’t harm the quality of food.

Final say- is it the alternative for ordinary electrical griddles?

This best kitchen tool will apply heat like the ordinary griddles but these two are not the same. You’ll get here some more functions and conveniences then the ordinary griddles or gas stoves. It will keep notice on the health issue that the ordinary cooking tools will not. So you may consider George Foreman 4-serving grill the best alternative to ordinary cooking tools.


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