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Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper with Bowl Scraper, Stainless Steel (70730)

It goes without saying that food processing is now our everyday job in the kitchen. But many of us do it manually, spending a huge time and our valuable human energy. Even manually doing it cannot process the food smoothly all the time as we need. But without proper processing we cannot make the vegetables like food ready to eat though we spend hours. Simply using Vegetable Chopper may resolve the monotonous food processing session and it may do this job rapidly. Even the food processing using a top class machine will be smoother than manually doing. In this article we’ll show you a tool that will excellently do the food processing and chopping job. Let’s see!

What’s the processing and chopping machine that we’re going to show you today?

This one is a stainless steel color food processor and chopper brought to you by “Hamilton Beach.” Due to such stainless steel color and its some black color parts, it looks so pretty. Using this processing and chopping machine you’ll be able to get granular pieces of food in seconds. You may use this machine for processing mainly fruits and vegetables like foods which can be cut easily. This one is a motor run tool and runs food processing using direct electricity. You just need to place the larger pieces of food inside the machine and start the processing. The capacity of this processor is 10 cup and it is higher in comparison with similar other food processors.

Due to having a transparent food placing bowl you’ll be able to examine the food condition from outside. The tool is properly durable and dishwasher safe, except the part containing electric appliances. For better processing the manufacturer of it keeps an “S” shaped blade inside the tool and it cuts rapidly.

How will this best food processor process your foods every day?

There’s a large scale similarity between the working procedure of a blender and that of this one. The job of blender is to make grinds of foods you’ll place inside that. Similarly this one will also do that using a blade kept inside this food processor. This one is a motor run food processor which works using direct electricity. When you connect it with an electricity outlet the motor will start to rotate the “Motor Shaft.” The “S” shaped blade is connected with the motor shaft that’s why the blade will also rotate. You’ll have to place food inside the bowl in which the blade is placed. So the food will come in contact with the blade in the time of rotation of the blade.

As the rotation is so rapid, the food will start to become smashed after a few seconds. Thus the food processing will be accomplished in seconds, after starting the procedure. There’s another way of processing foods using the “Shredding Disc.” This tool contains such a disc which can be placed at the upper part of the bowl. The body of this disc contains some holes, and when you turn on the tool it will rotate. Due to such rapid rotation, after two or three turns, the foods will be shredded.

Compare “Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper” with similar other food processors!

Before choosing the best food processor for you, you should take a look below. Here we mention a comparative chart detailing the features of this one and others.

Name of The Food Processors



Customer Ratings

1. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

Stainless Steel

10 Cup

2. Hamilton Beach ChefPrep 10-Cup Food Processo


10 Cup

3. Hamilton Beach Mini 3-Cup Food Processor


3 Cup

4. Hamilton Beach 8-Cup Compact Food Processor


8 Cup

How to use “Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper” perfectly?

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Using this Vegetable Chopper kitchen tool is not so hard if you learn the assembly of different parts of it. Now, in this stage we’ll show you all the details of parts assembly.

  1. When you’ll get this tool, you’ll see several parts and you’ll have to assemble these. Here the motor is placed at the bottom part and you’ll see the “Control Knob” with this part. At the top of this part you’ll see the “Motor Shaft” on which you’ll have to place the blade. On this bottom part the transparent color bowl will have to be attached. First time, you’ll not get the bowl lid attached with the bowl, so you have to do so. Here the lid contains a food chute on one side and handle on the other side. You may place foods inside the tool in two ways- through the chute or by opening the lid.
  2. Besides these parts, you’ll also get two parts- Bowl Scraper and Shredding Disc. Without these two you may run the food processing as the other parts are enough to process. Bowl Scraper contains three stick type parts and this tool is for attaching in the bowl. The job of this scrapper is to prevent the food sticking inside the bowl while processing is running. The shredding disc is for shredding some foods like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cheese, carrots, onions, etc. You’ll have to place this disc in the middle of the bowl and place foods on this disc.

At last

  1. If you don’t use this disc then you’ll have to place food in the bowl. But in both the cases, the lid has to be closed to prevent splitting of foods. There is one tool in the package that is “Food Pusher” and it has no utility in food processing. The job of this tool is to push the foods after placing foods in the chute. Generally you may place smaller foods like cucumbers, carrots, etc through the chute. But the food you’ll place inside contains larger parts then you have to open the lid. So place food, close the lid and turn on the food processor by turning the control knob.
  2. Vegetable Chopper In the control knob you’ll see four options- 2, 1, 0, and P. Here the first two- 1, and 2 are for continuous running of the food processing. Here the “P” is for turning on and turning off the tool and it works instantly. But, before selecting the right option in the control knob plug the power cord. After every use you should clean the bowl immediately with ordinary tap water, or soapy water. Otherwise, after a while you’ll face complexity in removing tightly sticking remaining food particles. In the time of cleaning you should be cautious as some tools like blade, shredding disc are sharpened.

Some surprising conveniences you’ll get and safety measure applicable to it

Using this best kitchen tool you’ll really enjoy so many awesome features relating to food processing. But at the same time you have to take some safety measures as it is a sharpened tool.

  1. 10 Cup Capacity: The capacity of this one is 10 cup that means you’ll be able to place large volumes of food. The capacity is comparatively high and that’s why you’ll not have to place food repeatedly. Placing only one time will be enough for processing foods needed for one meal. If you fill the bowl with food and then process that, the processing quality will remain the same.
  2. Processing and Shredding: In Vegetable Chopper best kitchen tool, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of both processing and shredding. For shredding, you just need to attach the shredding disc in the bowl. If you use this all the time, there’ll be no need for using knives. The reason is that it will provide you all the avails that a common knife set can provide.
  3. Bowl Scraper Attachment: Sometimes in food processors the user experiences food sticking, that’s really disturbing. To prevent such food sticking in the bowl, this package includes a bowl scraper having three parts. If you attach this tool in the bowl it will rotate during food processing. That’s why you’ll not see any food sticking and you’ll not have to do anything manually.

At Last

  1. Different Speed and Super Quality Blade: The control knob of this tool contains two speed settings for the rotation of the shaft. If you choose the higher one, the shaft will rotate rapidly, resulting in rapid rotation of the blade. The blade is not like ordinary ones that contain only one head. Rather it contains two heads as it is of “S” shaped one thus it is more effective than others.
  2. Applicable Safety Measures: This food processor contains two sharp parts, and these are the shredding disc and the blade. In the time of attaching and cleaning these or the area surrounding these, you should be cautious. Without properly closing the lid of the bowl you should not start the food processing. In that case, accidentally food splitting may occur, and it may make the area messy.


  • This Vegetable Chopper kitchen tool will provide you restaurant grade processed food in less than one minute.
  • The blade of this food processor is “S” shaped and contains a sharpened part at the both sides.
  • Due to having the shredding disc you’ll be able to make salad besides processing ordinary foods.
  • Here two speed settings are allowed and that’s why you may choose the right one depending on your food.
  • Due to having the transparent bowl, you’ll be able to stop the processor just in time.
  • For having the Bowl Scraper in the package, you’ll need less time in the time of cleaning it.
  • The necessary parts of this food processor are dishwasher safe and BPA-free, that’s really cool.
  • The weight of this easily removable tool is 4.7 pounds, and dimension is 10.25 x 8.43 x 15.47 inches.
  • Due to having a 450 watt motor in this tool, the food processing will be superbly smooth.
  • This one contains a “Large feed chute” so you’ll be able to place larger food items in it.


  • For having different sharpened parts in this tool, you’ll have to be extremely cautious.
  • After assembling the parts of it, it will become a longer tool that cannot be placed in tight space.

Frequently Asked Question

Ans. – The blade is mainly for grinding the foods, if you need so then the blade must be attached.

Ans. – You just need to place the lid above the bowl and turn it a bit.

Ans. – If you assemble every part of it, then you should do it, otherwise accidental starting may occur.

Ans. – Of course you can do it, but in that case you’ll have to place food after opening the lid.

Ans. – the blade will smash the food items, but the shredding disk will make only slices.

Ans. – The use of scraper is optional, but its benefit is keeping the food close to the blade.

Ans. – No, you may run the food processing so long as you need to.

Ans. – You cannot do that as the sliced pieces will fall in the bowl.

Ans. – It depends on the nature of the food you’ll place inside, but commonly one minute is more than enough.

Final verdict- Is this food processor & Vegetable Chopper the right alternative for a knife set?

Vegetable Chopper kitchen tool is for making sliced foods and grind in seconds. The job of this tool cannot be done so effectively if you use any other tool. Using any knife set or something like that you’ll have to do the work manually. But in using this tool, you just need to place foods inside the food processor. The tool will do the job of smoothly processing your foods as you like. So if you use it, you’ll not have to use any other tool for cutting or smashing in your kitchen. This one tool will be superbly enough for accomplishing all the cutting and smashing jobs in your kitchen.

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