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Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker, Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot, Stainless Steel (49980A), Carafe

If you search for the kitchen tools names online you’ll see coffee maker is obviously one of them. For our own refreshment or for simplifying our day’s routine we tend to enjoy cups of coffee. But mainly, to say coffee maker, we understand the single serve makers that can provide one cup at a time. These cannot meet the needs of a larger family where more than one cup is needed at a time. If you make one cup after another then it will take a longer time that will obviously seem undesirable. To solve this issue you may use a coffee maker that can provide multiple cups at a time. These are available online and today we’ll show you one of such makers brought to you by Hamilton Beach.

Take a look on the features of today’s kitchen tool- Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

The coffee maker that we’re going to review today is a two way brewer. That means it can provide one cup from one side and multiple cups from the other side. It includes two sides named single serve at left and carafe side at the right. Single side is for only one cup brew, and using the carafe side, you’ll get up to 12 cups. Due to having the feature of having two ways in one it becomes a spacious one in comparison with others. But this tool’s weight is only 1.92 ounces that is not so heavy, though it contains two parts. You’ll get here some smart features like “fully programmable functionality,” “brew strength selector” and the like. This coffee maker contains an auto shut off feature and it will shut off after 2 hours of being idle. You’ll get the control panel at the top of it, and you’ll have the full control on the coffee making. The capacity of this kitchen tool is 96 Fluid Ounces, so you’ll be able to pour large amounts of water. Like the other ordinary coffee makers, it is an electricity run tool, working with 110 voltages.

How will this best coffee maker maintain Two Way Brewer perfectly?

Like an ordinary coffee maker, it contains Reservoir, Drip Tray, Brew Basket, and the like. But it contains two Reservoirs, Drip Trays, Brew Baskets, side by side. Here one is for the single serve and the other is for carafe. Here the water reservoir is in contact with the heating object placed inside this tool. This heating object will be heated when you connect this tool with electricity thus water will be heated up. You’ll have to keep coffee beans in the brew basket and water will come in contact with these beans. Thus brewing will be accomplished, and the made coffee will pour in the mug or cup you’ll keep in front. The users of it place beans on a paper filter for getting the perfect grade brew. At the front part, a lever is kept, squeezing which you have to select the one- Carafe or Single Serve. Whatever side you select, the maker will work on only that side, the other side will remain idle.

Take a look on the quick comparison chart detailing the features of this one and others

Before placing your order, look at the main features of this one and similar other coffee makers. Certainly you’ll be able to choose the best coffee maker for you. 

Name of the Coffee Makers



Customer Rating

1. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

96 Fluid Ounces

1.92 ounces

2. Hamilton Beach Programmable Front-Fill Coffee Maker

2.83 Liters

8.63 pounds

3. KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker with Builtin Burr Coffee Grinder

10 Cup

12.24 pounds

4. Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker with Built-In Auto-Rinsing Beans Grinder

12 Cups

12.92 pounds

How to use “Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker” for making cups of coffee?

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As it contains two parts the use of this best kitchen tool is not like general others. Now we’ll show you how you may use two parts of this coffee maker perfectly.

  1. If you take a look at the outward appearance you’ll see the display and control panel at the top front. And the bottom of the front part you see a carafe and a cup are placed. Like the other ordinary coffee makers, here the carafe and cup are placed on the drip tray. Here the smaller piece at the left side is the cup and the larger one is the carafe (Right Side). But the job of these two tools is the same- collecting the made coffee. At the top of this maker, you’ll see two reservoirs for pouring water in these. You have to pour water in the relevant reservoir- if carafe, then pour in the reservoir on the left side.
  • Like an ordinary electricity run tool, plug the cord of this coffee maker with an electric outlet. Then select the lever placed below the display that means you have to choose the single serve or carafe. After selecting the lever, add coffee beans in the brew basket, lifting the cover of the top part. That means just keep some coffee beans beside the water reservoir, opening the lid. It is recommended to place a cupcake-style paper filter or a filter permanently in the brew basket. Then try to set the brew basket rightly beside the water reservoir, now you have to select options.
  • You’ll get options at the right and left side of the display and these are hour, minute, program and brew. The function of the hour and minute is understandable to all- selecting the time. You have to select hour first and then the minutes, whatever you select here will be shown in the display. Clock will flash when you hold the program button for seconds it’s for reaching the desired brewing start time. To do that, with holding it, press and hold the hour and minute for a while. There’s another function of the program button that is the activation of automatic brewing.
  • Here the brew button is for using the bold mode (for full or strong-flavor). For enabling the bold mode you should press and hold the brew button for some seconds. And after that you’ll see the display show “BOLD,” but this mode requires some additional time. After selecting all the necessary options if you like to start, then press on the ON/OFF button. You’ll get this button below the lever, and it is also for turning off the coffee maker. After starting the brew function, it will do all the procedure automatically in minutes. You have to place a mug or carafe at the front for collecting the made coffee after accomplishing the procedure. 

Take a look at the user-friendly features of this “2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker”

This best kitchen tool contains so many amazing features that many users like. Now we’ll show you some of these, so pore over the points below-

  1. Fully Programmable: In using this coffee maker, you’ll be able to make coffee setting the program as you like. You just have to set the timer, mode or something others and the machine will do the needful. As the whole procedure is mechanical it will do exactly the thing that you set. Even what you have set earlier you’ll see in the display, so there’s no chance of setting the wrong option.        
  • Make Coffee in Two Ways: Commonly a coffee maker is for single serving or for more than one cup. But this one contains two options side by side that feature is unavailable in other makers. For changing the carafe to single serving you’ll have nothing to do but pressing on the lever. That’s why it is the right option for meeting the criteria of different peoples, and for a larger family.           
  • Bold Mode: Generally in a coffee maker, the user has almost nothing to do in the case of quality of coffee. In that, he or she has only the control on timer, pause or something like that. But this one contains an extraordinary mode named bold mode for providing “strong flavored coffee.” If you enable this mode this tool will brew coffee for additional time and provide amazing flavor.     
  • Light Weight: Its size is a bit spacious in comparison with the single serve coffee makers. But the weight of this one is not so high, only 1.92 ounces. That’s really, really lightweight in comparison with a good many single serve makers. But, this one contains two parts and some appliances that the single serve coffee makers do not contain.
  • Auto Shut Off: The coffee making procedure commonly takes some minutes and after that you should turn it off. But, this one is auto shut off enabled one and it’s applicable if you keep it idle for two hours. It will automatically shut off then even if you don’t do anything to turn the coffee maker off. This feature is good for the life of this tool as it will not be turned on for extra time.


  1. This coffee maker contains 2 ways- single serve and carafe that you’ll not get in others.
  2. Due to the auto shut off feature of this one, you may make coffee using this one conveniently.
  3. You may move this best kitchen tool anywhere you need as its weight is only 1.92 ounces.
  4. The capacity of this one is 96 Fluid Ounces, that’s unimaginable in the case of other coffee makers.
  5. Here you’ll have the option to enable bold mode to enjoy the improved flavor of coffee.
  6. The display of this one will show you some necessary details besides the timer.
  7. Just squeezing on the lever you’ll be able to change the setting from single serve to carafe.
  8. As the function name is written in the relevant button the use of it has become easier.
  9. The manufacturing material of this one is Stainless Steel and that’s why it is durable enough.  
  10. In this tool, you’ll have the option to set the timer 24 hours earlier and that’s safe.


  1. If you enable the bold mode the coffee making time will be very longer, that’s really disturbing.
  2. Due to having so many appliances in it, the using procedure seems a bit complex to the newbie.
  3. With the sent package you’ll not get the cup or travel mug though they are necessary.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What’s the function of the lever placed at the front of this tool?

Ans. – First you have to squeeze on either side- single serve or carafe, for selecting the one.

2. How to enable bold mode for getting the strong flavor? 

Ans. – You just have to press and hold the brew button for a while and then the display will show BOLD.

3. How much time will it take for shutting off automatically?

Ans. – From the last brew, it will turn off 2 hours if you don’t do anything using this maker.

4. How much water may I pour in the reservoir of the carafe?

Ans. – You may pour 12 cup, you’ll see a mark in the reservoir, you should not cross this line.

5. How may I keep coffee beans in the brew basket of this tool?

Ans. – Firstly you should place a paper or permanent filter in it and keep coffee beans on it.

6. Is it needed to clean after serving a cup of coffee?

 Ans. – Of course, you have to clean every part with which the coffee has come in contact.

7. How may I be sure that a program has been successfully activated?

Ans. – If you can do so, then you’ll see the illumination of a green color light.

8. How much coffee beans will I have to keep in the brew basket?

Ans. – For one cup of coffee, just 1 tablespoon of coffee beans is enough, but you may increase or decrease.

9. How may I clean the parts of this coffee maker?

Ans. – You may use fresh water or some cleaning agent like detergent or white vinegar.

10. How may I clean the internal parts of this tool which I cannot dissemble?

Ans. – To do that, you just have to run two or three brew cycles with only fresh water.

Is it really the best option for a larger family in serving coffee?

This best kitchen tool can provide so many cups of coffee in minutes that the others cannot. Here you’ll have the option to change the setting from carafe to single serve if you like. In using it, you’ll have full control over the quality of coffee. So, you may choose it for meeting the needs of coffee of a smaller or larger family.    

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