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Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener with Easy Push Down Lever, Opens All Standard-Size and Pop-Top Cans, Extra Tall, Black and Chrome

Can opening is now a common function that we need to perform in our kitchen these days as a good number of food items are now in can. But many people are reluctant to use can openers as ordinary can openers require human energy for opening any can. But the electric can openers are not like the ordinary ones and in such electric tools you’ll not have to waste your energy. Like the other electric tools, such a can opener will remove the lid of your can in seconds and the cutting will be accurate. Today, we’ll show all the good and bad of a best can opener, and how you may open can using that whenever you need. Let’s see!

What’s for this Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Can Opener is the best one?

This can opener is one of the best kitchen tools that will look so pretty if you place it anywhere in your kitchen. The color of this one is the combination of Black and Chrome, and it will surely upgrade the beauty level of your kitchen. The dimension of this can opener is 4.67 x 5.01 x 10.2 inches, and you may move this tool easily anywhere as it is of 3.1 pounds weight. This tool runs the can opening function with the direct electricity power and that’s why it can remove the lid of any can no matter how much harder the object is. Here you just need to attach the can with the tool and remaining procedure like- holding tightly the can, turning roundly the can, cutting the lid, etc will be done automatically.

For that reason, you’ll not have to waste your valuable energy other than attaching the can, and the cutting will be accurate due to the exact roundly turning of the can. Using this opener, you may open as many cans as you want, and in opening a can it will take only seconds.

Take a quick look at the comparison of Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) opener with similar others!

If you compare this best can opener with similar feature offering ones, you’ll be able to understand the specialty of it.

Name of the Can Openers

Human Energy Required


Customer Ratings

1. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA)


Black and Chrome

2. OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener



3. AmazonBasics Safe Cut Can Opener



4. Good Cook Can Opener, Safe Cut Manual Can Opener



How this best can opener will function in the time of opening any can?

Like the other can openers, this one contains a blade that will come in contact with the can you place with it. There’s a locking mechanism that will hold the can when you pull down the lever. This can opener contains a gear for turning the can, and this will start to work when you pull down and hold the lever. Firstly when you attach the can a blade will come in contact, and secondly when you start the opening procedure, the gear of it will rotate the can roundly. For such roundly rotating the can, the entire lid of it will be cut when just one rotation will be completed. The whole procedure will take only 4 to 5 seconds, and after that you’ll see the entire lid is detached from the can, that’s the simple can opening procedure.

How may you use this Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Can Opener perfectly?

The use of this best kitchen tool is plain and simple and that will be understandable to you after seeing the procedure once.

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  1. After getting the can opener in hand first you should take a repeated look at different parts of this tool for getting introduced with every part of it. At the top of the tool, you’ll see a black color lever that is easy to pull down and it is called “Activation Lever”. When you pull down the lever that will be called the lock position, and when it is in a general setting that is called the unlock position. At the front side of this tool, below this lever you get the cutting appliances and there you’ll have to attach the can. There you’ll get one round shaped tool commonly called “geared wheel” the job of which is the rotation of the can.
  2. When you attach the can with the cutting appliances then a blade will come in contact with the lid of the can and it will start to cut. You know this one is run using direct electricity so plug the power cord of it at first to open a can. After plugging the cord, keep the lid of the can in contact with the cutting appliance (with the wheel), and pull down the lever. In the time placing the lid of the can keep in mind you’ll have to place the rim of the can, not any other part. After such pulling down the lever, you’ll have to hold the lever in such a pulling down position, until the cutting procedure is completed.

At Last

  1. When you pull down and hold the activation lever, you’ll see the can is tightly attached with the tool, and the geared wheel starts to rotate the can. In the time of rotating the can the cutting procedure will run on impact of the blade kept in it. The rotation of the can will not automatically end, and you’ll have to stop the rotation for preventing slivering. So, when you’ll see the can is now in the position from where the rotating was started, you’ll have to leave the lever. After holding the can you should leave the lever for preventing the dropping of the can as after leaving the lever the can will be detached from the tool.
  2. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to understand whether the rotation is fully completed or not. To get rid of such difficulty, you may keep one writing or any mark of the can at the front side, and when the writing or mark will come in front after rotation, you’ll be sure that you should stop the rotation now. If you want to cut only a part of the lid of the can then you’ll have to leave the lever at the point you need. If a can which you’ll open is filled with the liquids, then some liquid items may be in the blade after cutting the lid.

Some user friendly features of Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) can opener and applicable safety measures

In using this best kitchen tool, commonly a user enjoys different user friendly features, but you’ll have to keep your discreet eye on some safety issues too.

  1. For Pop-Top and Regular Cans: This can opener is efficient for opening all types of can whatever the design of the can is. The opening procedure will remain the same in the case of all types of cans and this one can hold and rotate easily comparatively weighty cans too. For that reason you may choose this one for opening any lighter and weighty cans if need be.
  2. Sleek Chrome and Black Design: Most of the ordinary can openers are of only one color- silver, and those are not so pretty to look. But this one is the combination of two colors- Chrome and Black, that’s why it looks so shiny from all the sides. You’ll get this point at the first sight, and surely this can opener will upgrade the beauty level of your kitchen.
  3. Easily Open Cans: In using an ordinary can opener you’ll have to rotate by yourself, wasting your energy. But it is quite different from all those as you’ll have only to attach the can with the tool. This tool will accomplish the can opening procedure simply using the power coming from the motor, and that will be enough for opening harder cans.

At Last

  1. Elimination of Sharp Lid Edges: When you cut the lid of any can using any cutting tool or ordinary can openers you’ll see the edge of the can becomes sharp. But with removing the lids of the can this tool will make the edge smooth for keeping the users safe from accidental cutting. Such an amazing mechanism of making the edge smooth is not commonly seen in similar other ones.
  2. Safety Issues: When the can opening procedure is running in any case you should not leave the lever as it will hamper the cutting procedure. If the lid is cut fully then you may leave it, after holding the can tightly. Place this tool anywhere, where there is a little chance of becoming messy as you should not use water for cleaning the parts of it containing electric appliances.


  • Due to the Black and Chrome combination, this tool looks so pretty and it will beautify your kitchen environment.
  • This one is tall enough and that’s why you’ll not have to bend down for attaching the can with the tool.
  • The blade of this tool is made of Stainless Steel and that is efficient for cutting harder lids of any can.
  • For eliminating the sharpness of the Lid Edges, this can opener is a superbly effective one.
  • Like the ordinary can openers, here you’ll not have to waste human energy in the time of opening lids.
  • Using this best kitchen tool, you may open the lid of any can in seconds, that’s unheard of in the case of many others.
  • The lever at the top of the can is not tightly attached and that’s why you’ll be able to pull it down easily.
  • Due to its shape, you may keep it standing all the time in any place without occupying much space.
  • As this one runs using a motor, the cutting system will exactly be in round shape all the time.
  • This can opener is an easily moveable tool as it is only 3.1 pounds weight and isn’t spacious one.


  • All the time, you’ll have to pull down and hold the lever for running the can opening procedure.
  • Here the motor will not stop automatically, and that’s why you may experience slivering sometimes.
  • In this can opener, there’s no system for determining whether the cutting is completed or not.

Ans. - In every can opener the rotation of the can is a must for cutting the whole lid, and that's the job of this wheel.

Ans. - In the locked position the activation lever will be pulled down, but in the unlocked position it will not be so.

Ans. - This one runs using direct electricity and the blade of this one is of much harder stainless steel, so it is for all types of cans.

Ans. - Of course, not only for cutting but also for making the edge of the can smooth, only one rotation is enough.

Ans. - You may do so, but that may harm the can as more than one rotation involves the risk of slivering.

Ans. - There is no need to do so as the motor of it is lubricated, and such nature has permanence.

Ans. - Of course you may do so, as it will make the edge of the lid smooth and that's why it is safe to do so.

Ans. - This one doesn't contain any button, so you'll have to leave the activation lever for stopping the motor.

Ans. - You should not do that, as it may hamper the cutting procedure, and if you need to do so then stop the motor first.

Final saying on Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) can opener- Is it wise to use for a longer period?

This best kitchen tool runs the can opening procedure using direct electricity and that’s why you may use this tool as long as you need. If you obey the applicable safety measures, surely you’ll be able to use this can opener for life. You’ll certainly enjoy the smooth cutting procedure and the other features of it.

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