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Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

For making food items liquid, a blender is a must but not all blenders can do this job perfectly. Some blender packages include only the blender without any cups or something other like accessories. But using those blenders, a user cannot do all the things perfectly. The reason is that when you use a kitchen tool, you’ll have to do so many related works for better enjoyment of all the benefits that the tool can provide. Today we’re going to show you a Magic Bullet Blender set in where you’ll get different accessories for better use of it. For conveniently using it, it includes all the necessary accessories and it doesn’t require any human energy to blend something. Let’s see!

Why did we choose this blender for presenting before you?

In this blender, you’ll not get only one tool in the sent package rather you’ll get here 11 pieces. And each of these pieces are necessary for better use of this tool, and these include several cups, a recipe book, party mug with ring, and the like. But that doesn’t mean the sent package will be a weighty one that you cannot move easily, rather the weight of this one is only 4.7 pounds. Like the other top class blenders, this one contains a power base which will run with 120 volts power.

This power base is a high-torque one and you’ll get a very fast output all the time for blending something. The blade of this tool is stainless steel for maintaining its durability, but the other parts are plastic, and the cups included in this package are transparent color. You know after every use of a food making tool, it becomes necessary to clean with water and that’s why the manufacturer uses here dishwasher safe parts.

How will this “Magic Bullet Blender” do the blending?

Like the other blenders, this one contains a power base and a blade, and here the blade is a cross blade. Some people also called the power base a motor as its function is like an ordinary motor, and Magic Bullet Blender is placed at the bottom part of the blender. This blender will run using the direct electricity, and that’s why you’ll have to plug the power cord before every use. When you plug the power cord and electricity will go to the power base, it will start to turn the blade. On the blade you’ll have to place food items, and when the blade starts to turn, the food items will start to blend. That means the blending is the result of rapid turning of the blade, and as the blade of this one is cross blade the blending will be faster.

Compare this “Magic Bullet Blender” with some other blenders!

A quick comparison of this blender set with similar other ones will show you how lightweight and less dimensioned this one is.

Name of the Blenders



Customer Ratings

1. Magic Bullet Blender

4.7 pounds

4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches

2. NutriBullet NB9-1301S Pro

9.77 pounds

12.01 x 7.72 x 15.94 inches

3. Ninja NCBL1000 Personal Electric Single Serve

8.83 pounds

5.9 x 6 x 15 inches Item

4. Digital Electric Kitchen Countertop Blender

13.84 pounds

7.8 x 7.9 x 19.28 inches Item

How may you use this magic blender for blending different foods rapidly?

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set

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This best kitchen tool is for blending huge amounts of food at faster speed, and now we’ll show you how you may do the blending here.

  1. For using this blender conveniently you’ll have to understand the function of all the accessories at first. In the sent package, you’ll get different cups and some other things besides the power base. The mug or cups are adjustable with the upper part of the power base like the other ordinary blenders. That means the power base will be at the bottom part and the cup (to be attached) will be at the upper part. You have to select the cup depending on the size and nature of the food item you’ll place inwards. The best and convenient way is to place the food items in the cup at first and then attach the cup with the power base.
  2. In the time of attaching the cup or mug, you’ll have to keep in mind one thing that is perfectly attaching the cup with the power base. To do that, you’ll have to turn the cup a bit for tightening the cup with the lower part (power base) otherwise you may experience the splitting of foods. After such attaching, keep the cup at the upper level as in that position, the food items will be in contact with the cross blade. Now you may plug the power cord to turn on the machine and after such turning on, you’ll see the moving of food items inside the blender. Due to the transparent color cups, you’ll be able to see the moving of foods from outside all the time.

At Last

  1. When the blending is running, you’ll hear the sound of the turning of Magic Bullet Blender blades as it will be very rapid. You may dislike this sound sometimes though the sound of this blender is not very louder, like others. If you want to lessen the sound level you may place the blender on thick cloths or something like that. That may reduce the sound but fully stopping the sound is not possible at all, even this version is applicable in the case of all the other blenders. The period for completing the blending is not so lengthy and ordinarily it takes 5 to 6 seconds. But this period is importantly dependent on the nature of food items you placed inside.
  2. Now come to the point- for which foods you may use this best kitchen tool for blending. You may use this blender for blending all the fruits, veggies, meats, or all the other foods of similar nature. But, keep in mind you should not use any hard parts as this type of parts may damage the sharpness of the blade. Suppose, you want to place meats inside this tool, and for that you should separate the meats from bones and place only meats, not any bone. After every use, the cleaning of the tool will be necessary before placing any different items for blending. You may do so using water and soap, but you should clean only those parts which were in contact with food items.

Look below at some extraordinary conveniences you’ll get in this blender and safety measures you should take

Using this best kitchen tool, you’ll be able to enjoy so many convenient features, and at the same time you’ll have to take some measures for your safety and for the betterment of this tool.

  1. Lids Included in The Package: For keeping food items in any cup for a longer period, the sent package will include 3 lids- 1 top flip lid, and 2 re-sealable lids. All these lids are superbly fitted with the cups included in this package, and that’s why by using these lids you’ll be able to keep foods in the cups safely. The attaching procedure is not so hard you just need to turn the lid a bit.
  2. Lock-on Mode: For the “Hands-Free Operation” the manufacturer keeps one amazing system that is the “Lock-on mode.” For this mode, you just need to turn the cup after attaching the same with the power base. The benefit of this mode is the running of the tool without doing anything, and it will run continuously. You may also stop the running at any time by simply turning the cup in the opposite direction.
  3. Cups included in This Package: Commonly a blender set contain only one cup for attaching with the power base. But, in this package, you’ll get cups of different sizes, that means some are tall and some are short. Even you’ll get here one short “party cup with lip ring,” and all these cups and the mug are suitably fitted with the power base. The body of all these tools are transparent and that’s why you’ll have the option to examine the condition of blending from outside.

At Last

  1. The Cross Blade: The blade of Magic Bullet Blender placed in the bottom part of this best kitchen tool is made of stainless steel and is a superbly sharpened one. With the power of “250 watts high-torque” the blending will run in a very rapid way and that’s why you’ll get the output in less time. Suppose for grinding coffee beans, this tool will take only 4 seconds, that’s almost impossible in the case of many other blenders.
  2. Safety Issues: You know cleaning is necessary after every food blending session, but in the case of cleaning the blade, you should be extremely cautious because of its being sharpened. This tool doesn’t contain any auto shut off features and that’s why you’ll have to turn it off manually, so keep your discreet eye in completing the blending session. All the time you should place only the food items which can be blended, that means you should not place any hard items like bones, or otherwise.


  • With the sent package, you’ll get here the cups of different sizes for placing different types of foods.
  • Due to its “250 Watts High-Torque” the blending procedure will be very rapid all the time.
  • If you want to enjoy here the hands free operation, you may use Lock-on mode, that’s great.
  • Due to the transparent body of the cups and mug, you’ll be able to examine the state of food from outside.
  • While the other packages contain only 4 to 5 pieces, this one contains 11 pieces relating to blending.
  • For providing you the guidelines regarding the delicious liquids, you’ll get here one recipe book.
  • Due to having no buttons in this tool, you’ll not have to understand the function of any button or option.
  • For keeping your liquids safe for a longer period, separate lids will be in the sent package.
  • The blade of this tool is stainless steel, two sides of which are standing and the other two sides are straight.
  • Due to its “Hassle-free Cleanup,” a huge number of users have chosen this best kitchen tool.


  • For increasing or decreasing the cross blade turning speed, you’ll get here no option.
  • In the sent package you’ll not get any tool like whisk, for blending something manually.
  • It doesn’t contain any auto shut off feature, so you have to be cautious about turning off the tool timely.

Ans. - To do that, you'll have to twist on the blade for a while and after that you'll experience that it is sufficiently tightened.

Ans. - Of course, it is safe to do so but you'll have to keep in mind that the food items must be free from all types of hard objects.

Ans. - People who tend to enjoy the "hands free operation" use that mode, where blender will run automatically and keep the running continue.

Ans. - To change the mode you have to turn off, and for that twisting the cup is necessary.

Ans. - It is dependent on the food nature, suppose for coffee beans 4 to 5 seconds is enough, but for Nut Milks it may take 30 seconds.

Ans. - Yes, you can as the parts of it are dishwasher safe, but you must keep the power base away from immersion.

Ans. - There is no time limitation, so you may run this tool as long as you need to do so.

Ans. - like the other blenders it will create sounds, but the sound of this one is not so loud.

Ans. - Yes, you may do so, no matter how much hotter or colder a food item is, even you may place frozen items.

Is this “Magic Bullet Blender” the right option for longtime blending every day?

This Best Kitchen Tool is for all types of blending rapidly as this can provide high torque. This is very easy to operate one even a child can blend something using this tool. You may be sure about one thing: you’ll be satisfied in using this blender all the time due to its high power and easy method. No matter how long you want to use this, you’ll get satisfactory blending all the time.

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