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Miroco Milk Frother, Electric Milk Steamer Stainless Steel, Automatic Hot and Cold Milk Frother Warmer for Latte, Foam Maker for Coffee, Hot Chocolates, Cappuccino, Heater with Strix Control, 120V

Miroco Milk Frother

Many of us tend to enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, or something like that at least once in a week. To enjoy such tastier foods some of us go to food shops or restaurants. But you may make it in your home using froth milk though a good many people don’t know the procedure. If you want to make the froth milk manually it will take a long time, that’s really unexpected. Even if you’re not pro in making froth milk you’ll not be able to make it perfectly. The reason is that the forth milk making procedure involves a good many conditions that you have to fulfill. Making froth milk using such a tool doesn’t involve any hard-to-do procedure. Today we’ll show all the good and bad of a super quality Milk Frother. This tool will provide you froth milk in less than 2 minutes. Let’s see!

What’s the tool that we’re going to show you today for making froth milk?

Commonly a milk frother contains the power to do the job similar to a blender. But this one will do some more than an ordinary blender. Here you’ll get the awesome job of frothing and heating milk in a shorter time. It looks like an ordinary jug with a handle and it’s really easy to carry and use. With the bare tool you’ll get here “Two Replacements Whisks” for conveniently doing what frothing you want to. To show you the different necessary levels this one contains “Handy Milk Level Indicator.” Seeing such indicators, you’ll easily be able to do the needful in the right time.

The cleaning procedure is very simple as its structure is like an ordinary water jug. And a Cleaning Brush will be in the sent package that will make the cleaning of it so simple. The manufacturer kept a “non-stick coating interior” for easily using and cleaning it. Here the “maximum capacity for heating” is 8.1oz or 240 ml, that’s great. This tool can produce 65℃ temperature at a time and that’s enough for perfectly heating. Due to its equipping with “STRIX TEMPERATURE CONTROLS” the heat applying will be perfect grade. So there’s all the necessary arrangement of frothing, foaming, and heating milk in a very simple way.

Compare the features of Miroco Milk Frother and similar other kitchen tools

Before ordering this milk frother, you should compare it with some other frothers. The chart below details the main features of this and three others. 

Name of The Milk Frothers



Customer Rating

1. Miroco Milk Frother

2 pounds


2. CORNMI Electric Milk Frother and Warmer

2.35 pounds


3. HadinEEon 4 in 1 Magnetic Milk Frother

2.29 pounds

Not Mentioned

4. Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box

8.2 ounces

Handheld Tool

How does this best kitchen tool froth or foam milk in minutes?

In the package there’ll be a power base on which you’ll have to place the tool. You know it’s an electricity run tool and when you plug the cord it will be activated to froth milk. There’ll be a whisk attached with the bottom part of the pitcher. In this pitcher, you’ll have to pour a certain amount of milk so the milk will be on the whisk. On pressing on the power button this tool will rotate the whisk inside it, and that will do the needful. You know for frothing or foaming, rotating a whisk in a certain speed is necessary, and it will do that.

For heating, you’ll have to use a different whisk here and it can produce 65°C temperature at best. You’ll have the option to only froth or foam, with or without heating. It will do all the procedure mechanically, you just have to set the right option.  

How to use this best milk frother perfectly?

Miroco Milk Frother

To Buy: $39.99 at amazon.

The use of this tool is not even a bit hard as there are only some simple options to understand. Now we’ll show you step by step what you have to do.

  1. Firstly when you get this best kitchen tool in hand, you should clean it properly and then dry it. The reason is that you have to pour milk inside this tool so cleanliness is obviously a matter here. Now you have to choose one whisk to be attached with at the bottom part of the pitcher. You’ll get one whisk attached with the bottom part and the other with the lid. Here you’ll get two whisks in the sent package- one is round shaped and the other contains two edges. Here choosing of the whisk will be dependent on what you want- heating or frothing?
  2. If you want to froth the milk then use the one which is round shaped. And the whisk that contains two edges is for heating, so choose according to your need. Then place the tool on the power base that you’ll get in the package, and set at the middle. Now you have to pour milk in the pitcher so pour in the recommended amount. You’ll see maximum and minimum markings inside the pitcher, follow the markings carefully. As it is an electricity run tool, just plug the power cord with an outlet after pouring milk in it.
  3. After plugging the power cord, press on the power button and it will start the procedure. If you pour normal milk (not cold) then you just have to press on the power button. And then you’ll see the lighting up of red and blue light. If you pour cold milk then you have to press and hold the button for 2 seconds. And then you’ll see the lighting up of the blue color light. In both the cases, it will ultimately froth milk but you have to follow the procedure dependent on milk nature. 
  4. When the milk foam will be ready it will automatically turn off, without doing anything manually. Whenever it will be ready you may collect the froth or foam milk opening the lid. As the milk will be everywhere inside the pitcher, you must clean it after every use. Just wash the inside of the pitcher with tap water, using ordinary tap water will be enough for cleaning it. After cleaning, keep it with the lid open for a while to make it dry. But in the time of cleaning you should not immerse the tool as its body contains LED lights.

Cool features of Miroco Milk Frother that you’ll obviously like

This best kitchen tool contains a good many user friendly features that the folks tend to enjoy in milk frothing. Take a look on the below 5 points to know about these user friendly features.

  1. Safe to Use: Here the manufacturer keeps the “Strix Temperature Control” system and that’s enough for controlling the temperature safely. There’s no possibility of overheating or applying heat in an irregular manner. After starting the function you may relax as it will turn off automatically when foam is ready. So it’s safe to use without learning anything and by a 12 years boy. 
  2. Durable and Stylish: This one is made of stainless steel materials and it looks shiny from outside. That’s why we say it stylish and you’ll get the point at the first sight. A black color handle is attached with this tool and it can bear the weight of the filled pitcher. The lid of it is transparent and that’s why you may see the inside procedure very clearly.           
  3. Heat and Froth: This tool is not only for frothing but also for heating milk. Separate whisks have been kept in the sent package that (whisks) are suitable for heating and frothing. It can produce 65 degree Celsius at best so you may heat milk at faster speed. Due to this variety of options you’ll be able to enjoy whatever type you like.          
  4. Replacements Whisks: In this best kitchen tool, you’ll get two whisks for frothing and heating. One whisk will be attached onto the bottom of the pitcher. And the other one will be attached with the lid, that (whisk) you may use by replacing the existing one. Here one is for heating and the other is for frothing milk perfectly. For that reason, you’ll be able to use the perfect whisks in all the cases.
  5. Necessary Indicators: Inside the pitcher there’re markings showing the recommended level of pouring. At the outside of this frother, the manufacturer kept several indicator lights. These indicator lights will show you that the heating or frothing function is okay. Due to these indicators, if any problem occurs you’ll be able to understand very early. 


  1. With this milk frother, you’ll be able to froth and heat milk at a very short time.
  2. You’ll get here two whisks and both of these are perfect for attaching onto the pitcher bottom.
  3. This best kitchen tool can produce 65℃ or 149℉ temperature at a time, that’s perfect for heating.
  4. Here the maximum capacity for frothing is 3.9 oz or 115 ml that’s sufficient for a larger family.
  5. The maximum capacity applicable for heating milk is 8.1 oz or 240 ml, that’s comparatively higher.
  6. With this best milk frother, you’ll be able to froth any types of milk including the cold milk.
  7. Due to the non coating interior inside the pitcher, the cleaning will be easier for you.
  8. For perfectly cleaning every inch inside the pitcher, you’ll get one Cleaning Brush in the sent package.
  9. Replacing the whisk doesn’t require using any tool you’ll be able to do it manually.
  10. The lid of this frother is transparent and that’s why you may examine the inside from outside easily.


  1. In this milk frother, you’ll not get any option to increase or decrease temperature, it will be the same always.
  2. After every use, you’ll have to clean and dry it due to the nature of its use.
  3. For frothing cold milk, sometimes this milk frother will take a bit more time.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What I’ll get in this package besides the bare tool?

Ans. – With the bare tool, you’ll get 2 x Frothing & Heating Whisks, 1 x Cleaning Brush & User Guide.

2. Where do I have to attach the heating and frothing whisk?

Ans. – You’ll have to attach both the whisks at the same place: onto the pitcher bottom.

3. How do I have to set the pitcher for frothing milk?

Ans. –You’ll see a nut type tool on the power base, just set the middle of the pitcher on it.

4. How much milk may I pour in the pitcher?

Ans. – Inside the pitcher you’ll see levels, you have to fill between the minimum and maximum level.     

5. Which whisk is for frothing the milk?

Ans. – Between the two whisks, one is round shaped and that is for frothing milk.

6. How to start to froth cold milk with this tool?

Ans. – After plugging the power cord, you have to press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

7. Where I’ll get the power button of this milk frother?

Ans. – Below the LED indicator lights, you’ll get a blue color button, it’s the power button.

8. How long will it take to foam the milk?

Ans. – Generally, it will take more than 60 seconds but less than 120 seconds.

9. How to clean this milk frother after using it?

Ans. – You just have to pour some tap water in it and shake for a while, that’ll be enough.

10. Is there any difference in maximum level of liquid in frothing and heating?

Ans. – Yes, the maximum level for heating is 8.1 oz, but for frothing the maximum level is 3.9 oz.

Final verdict- Is this tool enough for making froth milk for lattes, hot chocolates, or the like?

This best kitchen tool is for making frothing milk that’s needed for making different delicious items. You may process normal or cold milk in this tool; it’s suitable for all the types. Due to the inclusion of all the modern technology, it becomes very safe to use and efficient for faster output. If you want to enjoy instant frothing milk this tool will obviously be the best choice from your part. On using this tool obeying all the guidelines you’ll be able to use for many years. So you may try this one, if the features of this best milk frother seem desirable to you.    

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