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Mueller Austria Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline Cheese/Vegetable Slicer, Cutter, Shredder with Precise Maximum Adjustability

Commonly we use knives in our kitchen everyday for cutting fruits or vegetables, or for slicing different food items. But using knives for cutting these may be monotonous to you as it takes a longer period. And if you want to cut any heavy item using Sickle, Bill-hook, Cleaver, or something like that, you’ll have to be extremely cautious, and sit in a certain place for accomplishing the cutting. Even for avoiding such a long and monotonous cutting session, many people avoid such foods which require cutting for making those ready to eat. But, that’s not the solution at all, and we’re going to show you an effective cutting tool is Mueller Austria, using which you’ll be able to cut so many things easily and quickly.

Let’s see- What’s our today’s kitchen tool to present before you?

Today we’re going to show an amazing “MANDOLINE” which you’ll be able to use for all the cutting purposes in your kitchen. Using this one, you’ll not need to use any separate Shredder, Slicer, Cutter, or some others as this one will meet all such needs. The one is a white and ash color tool and is a bit sloppy, for that design you may use this tool sitting or standing in your kitchen.

With this tool, you’ll get a good number of blades, and these blades are of different design and nature. That means in using this tool you’ll have the option to use the right blade for every fruit or vegetables. For ensuring the safety, and for making the cutting session COMFORTABLE the sent package will also include a slicing guard, for holding the piece of food you’re going to cut. It’s not a motor run tool, so you’ll have to do all the cutting procedure manually, but it will be easiest for you.

How will this “Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline” cut foods rapidly?

It has been told previously that the tool is a bit sloppy, and a stand is kept at the backside of this tool. At the front side of it, there you’ll get a place for attaching a “stainless steel blade” given to you with the package. When you’ll attach any blade there will be a gap between the blade and the tool. In this gap you’ll have to pull the items repeatedly and then the slice of food will fall below the tool, due to this gap. Besides this ordinary procedure, the shredder in this package contains a jagged body, and you may pull the fruits or vegetables on this jagged body that will also be effective for milling foods. This is the simple cutting and milling procedure that you’ll have to perform in every session.

A quick comparison of “Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Mandoline” with others

For understanding which is the right one for you, you should take repeated look at the chart below-

Name of the tools

Extra Blade Numbers


Customer Ratings

1. Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Mandoline

5 extra blades

2.2 pounds

2. Gramercy Kitchen Co. Adjustable Stainless Steel Mandoline

No extra blade

1.9 pounds

3. OXO Good Grips Chef's Mandoline

No extra blade

3.4 pounds

4. Mandoline Slicer Stainless Steel Vegetable Julienner Mandoline

No extra blade

2.7 pounds

How you’ll have to use this best kitchen tool for cutting or milling any item?

Mueller Austria

To Buy: $29.99 (originally $49.99) $29.99 at

As a manual cutting tool, you’ll have to learn the job of every part of this best kitchen tool, though it is not so hard.

  1. When you’ll get this tool in hand you’ll see the blades in a detached position, and before using it for the first time you should clean every tool with water and soap. After that, for introducing yourself with all these parts place those with the tool itself before you. Besides the MANDOLINE itself, the sent package will include one slicing guard, and some blades & shredders. The slicing guard is a food grasping tool, and you’ll have to hold the round shaped part of it, and place the items like carrot or cucumber below this tool. It contains “stainless steel prongs” and these are for grasping the food and cutting that item, holding the round shaped part with hand.
  2. Now come to the point of blades included in this package, you’ll get 5 blades or shredders with this package. Slicer blade contains a plain blade and this blade is mainly for ordinary cutting. Like potato, turnip, or something like that. Wavy blade is mainly for cutting without sticking which is needed in the case of cheese, raw meat, and the like. Grater of this package looks like the coarse shredder and this one is the right choice for apple, zucchini, harder veggies, etc. Besides these, you’ll get here shredder and coarse shredder, and these are for shredding raw foods. There is no such strict rule that you’ll have to use a specific blade for cutting a certain food, rather these are some recommendations.

At Last

  1. The size of every blade and shredder is the same and in the case of using this tool, the placement of blades and shredders is important. In every blade, the sharp part is angular and the other part is plain. That means the angular part is for cutting. At the front of the MANDOLINE, you’ll see an empty space for easing the holding and lifting procedure of this Mueller Austria tool. And immediately before this empty space you’ll have to place the plain side of each of this blade. The part of this tool with which the sharp part of the blade will come in contact with, is easily moveable. In other words, when you attach a blade with this tool. You’ll see the sharp angular part of the blade is with the white angular part.
  2. This white angular part is moveable and you’ll have to move the white part ups and downs depending on how much thick slices you want to make. If you want to make some items milled then you may keep no gap between the sharp part of the blade and the white angular part. In that case, you’ll have to use the shredder or coarse shredder, but not the sharp blade part of these blades. Rather you’ll have to pull items like a piece of cucumber, carrot on the jagged or notched part of these blades. When you’ll perform any cutting procedure, sliced parts or the mills of foods will fall below the tool. This tool is fully dishwasher safe, so you may clean any part of this tool with water at any time.

Amazing aspects of this tool MANDOLINE and safety measure in using it

Now we’re going to talk about some amazing aspects of this best kitchen tool at first. And then the safety measure that you’ll have to take.

  1. Cutting in Any Size: In using this Mueller Austria tool you’ll be able to cut any items at any size by moving the white angular part of this tool. At the right side of this tool, you’ll see two ash color. Knobs- one is close to the stand and the other is close to the blade. The knob which is close to the stand is for controlling the white angular part that means- by turning the knob. You’ll be able to move the white angular part at your desired position for making slices of perfect size.
  2. Different Cutting Options: With this package you’ll get five separate blades, like- slicer, wavy, shredder, coarse shredder, and grater. With these five blades you’ll be able to cut and mill all types of fruits and vegetables. In addition to that, you’ll get here an additional option that is the blade placed below the tool. When you turn the knob (close the blade) a separate cutting tool will come out from inside.

At last

  1. Easy to Use: For using this tool, you’ll not need to learn the function or option of any buttons or something like that as it is not a battery run tool. You just need to attach a blade and start the cutting procedure, and the attachment of the blades is not so hard. For easing the cutting function the sent package will include a slicing guard. And with using this tool you’ll be able to cut at a faster speed conveniently.
  2. Safety measure that you should take: When you’re cutting something using this tool, you should keep your discreet eye on the size of the items. If, after cutting for a while the thing becomes small, then there’ll be a chance to come your hand in contact with the blades. And that may be accidental as these blades are very sharp. So when you use this tool without using the slicing guard, be careful about this issue.


  • With five blades you’ll be able to use the right blade depending on the nature of every food.
  • All the parts of this best kitchen tool are dishwasher safe and that’s why you may clean it with water at any time.
  • The blades included in this package are of “420-grade stainless steel” that’s why these are superbly durable.
  • Some parts of this Mueller Austria tool are made of ABS plastic and that is nontoxic, and carries great health value.
  • The body of shredder and coarse shredder is superbly effective for shredding any fruits or vegetables.
  • Due to having the durable slicing guard, you may cut any things safely and easily.
  • Due to its design you may use this tool sitting or standing in your kitchen, as you like.
  • You’ll get here all the conveniences of a super quality chopper, cutter, or peeler.
  • Due to having empty space at the front side and a stand at the back side, the moving of it will be easier.
  • For storing the blades safely, you’ll get here a transparent color box and its sufficiently durable one.


  • For storing the sliced items, you’ll not get any box or something like that in this package.
  • At a time, you may attach here only one blade, so you’ll have to replace blades repeatedly.
  • Sharp blades will be open here and that’s why you have to cut the smallest remaining items very carefully.

2. How may I create a gap between the blade and white color angular parts?

Ans. - The slicing guard is for grasping the food items, for grasping items you should place the food inside it with its prongs.

Ans. - In that case, you'll have to use the cutting tool below the MANDOLINE, turning the knob (close to the blade) will raise the tool.

Ans. - When you'll cut any item the sliced or milled food will fall below the tool, and for storing these slices you may place the tool above a clean paper or something like that.

Ans. - For shredding you may use the shredder or coarse shredder, you just need to pull the pieces of food on the body of these.

Ans. - This is also for cutting any item, this will just supplement the separate blades.

Ans. - It is not necessary, in that, the whole part will not come in contact with food items, but if you want you may do that.

Ans. - It is dependent on the gap between the sharp part of the blade and white color angular parts.

Ans. - There's no such necessity as the blades are very sharp, so pulling gently will be enough.

Is it really the BEST ALTERNATIVE for any cutting and slicing tools?

This best kitchen tool is for all types of cutting or slicing, and you’ll get it highly efficient in all these jobs. This is not a battery run tool, and that’s why you’ll not need to take so many safety measures. Conveniently, you’ll be able to use it years after years in your kitchen and all the cutting procedures will be so fast. If you want to enjoy the best, “Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Mandoline” is for you.

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