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Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72 Oz Total Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16 Oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies (BL660), Gray

Countertop Blender

People’s food habits are changing day by day as the food processing tools have been over some years. Today, many of us are just reluctant to eat fruits or vegetables, we want to enjoy the juice of them. Commonly for making juice or for similar other reasons we use blenders in our kitchen. But not all blenders can blend the same amount of food or contain the same features. Though the jobs of all these are the same i.e. crushing foods for making liquids. Sometimes due to the low capacity of some blenders, the blending session seems disturbing to many of us. To solve all the like issues, we’re going to review a top rated blender today, you’ll certainly like it.

What’s the blender that is really worth loving?

This best kitchen tool is an electricity run blender that can provide much power than common others. There are some markings in the body of it for showing you the amounts of liquids. Here you’ll have full control over the functioning of it as it contains four controlling options. The pitcher of this blender is transparent one and that’s why you’ll be able to see clearly the blending procedure. The capacity of this pitcher is 72 oz., and there will be two “Nutri Ninja cups” of 16 ounces. So you’ll not face any problem in placing a large amount of food in it. 6-blade assembly in this blender will ensure the total crushing of food items that you’ll really like. Even due to having this blade assembly you’ll be able to crush larger ice parts. For purely liquefying different food items this one is the most acceptable option and you’ll get it effective in that. So you’ll be able to blend larger and harder food items with it conveniently at a faster speed. This one is BPA Free and the manufacturer manufactured it with the dishwasher safe parts. 

How this best Professional Countertop Blender will function for blending?

You know this one is a blender using electricity and it contains a motor and some electric appliances. When you connect the power cord of this tool with an electrical outlet, this motor will be activated. When this motor activates it will start to rotate a tool kept immediately above the motor. The “Stacked Blade Assembly” at the upper part is joined with the tool that the motor will rotate. Thus when the motor starts to rotate the tool, the blade assembly kept at the upper part will also rotate. As the rotation of the blade assembly is so speedy, the food items will crush on that impact. This blender contains three options for controlling the speed of the blade assembly. When you press on any one, the motor will supply the power accordingly thus changing the speed will be possible. As the pitcher or cups will be all over the blade assembly the food will not go outside of it.

Take a look on the comparison of Ninja Professional Countertop Blender and others Here we mention some main features of four blenders including this one. Taking a look on this chart will show you which one will be the best option for you.

Name of the Blenders

Markings on the pitcher


Customer Rating

1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender


72 oz

2. REDMOND Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, Small Countertop Blender


27 oz

3. BLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender


48 oz.

4. BLACK+DECKER Crush Master 10-Speed Blender


50 oz.

How to use this best professional blender for blending any food items?

Countertop Blender

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This blender is not the hand using machines rather it contains some options for changing the nature of blending. You’ll have to learn all these if you want to blend something professionally so take a look on below points. 

  1. With this blender you’ll get 2 cups with lids and the pitcher will be attached with the bottom part. The electric appliances and the motor of it will be in the bottom part. Above that, the blade assembly is kept, and on the bottom part you’ll have to attach a cup or pitcher. If you place the larger food items or a huge amount of food you’ll have to use the pitcher. The reason is that the food holding capacity of the pitcher is higher than the cups. Both of these contain lids but you’ll only have to keep the lid with the pitcher if you use that. The reason is that both ends of the pitcher are open.
  2. If you want to use the cup then you’ll have to place food in the cup. And then you may attach the cup with the bottom part of the blender. But if you use the pitcher, then you may place the food items opening the lid of the pitcher. After placing food in the tool, you’ll have to turn on the blender by plugging the power cord. After plugging the cord, you’ll have to press on the power button kept at the right of the front side. That will turn on the machine and start the blending procedure, now you may select the speed. For setting the speed, there’s three buttons on the control panel- 1, 2, and 3.
  3. Here the first button “1” is for only processing and mixing food items. Commonly we use this option for scrambling eggs, mixing thin gravies, marinades etc. The second button “2” is for blending and it is for the items which are a bit hard. You may use this option for grating hard cheese, grinding nuts, for chopping something, and the like. The third one “3” is for harder items and we use it for liquefying, pureeing something. If you place ice parts in it then you may select this option for crushing that ice. Even for liquefying thick mixtures or for blending a whole larger fruit, you may use the button “3.”
  4. Besides these three buttons, there’s another button that is the “pulse button.” This pulse button is for three things- Controlling, Processing, and Bursts of Power. Applying rightly these options you’ll be able to blend different items perfectly. One thing you should bear in mind you should not run blending continuously for more than 4 minutes. But you’ll not have to run for more than 4 minutes even for the hardest food items. After completing the procedure, you should unplug the cord first then collect the liquid inside and clean the tool.

Using this best kitchen tool you’ll be able to enjoy a good number of conveniences

This blender will provide you several conveniences that the common other ones will not. Now we’ll discuss only some of those that you’ll really enjoy, so take a look at the below four points. 

  1. Body of the Cups and Pitcher: The body of the pitcher and 2 cups is so transparent that you can clearly see what’s going on inside. The pitcher contains a good number of markings on its body for showing you the amounts of food. After blending something, with these markings you’ll be able to understand how many cups of liquids are in there.
  2. Three Options for Different Items: This blender contains three options for changing the rotational speed depending on the nature of the food. With these three you’ll be able to blend any food items whatever it is soft or hard. It can provide such speed that you’ll be able to blend larger and harder ice cubes in it. If you want to only mix the food items you may also do so, pressing on the button “1.”
  3. Detachable Blender: You know you’ll have to clean this tool after every use as it will come in contact with food items. To ease the cleaning procedure, the manufacturer kept different parts of it detachable. Even you may detach the blade assembly of this blender for cleaning or otherwise. Due to such detachable nature you’ll be able to use this best electric blender very conveniently. 
  4. Perfectly Crushing: The manufacturer kept here a 6-blade assembly for crushing different food items perfectly and that works. If you select the highest speed by pressing on the button “3” it will rotate at a very high speed. Such rotation will perfectly crush all the harder food items you placed inside it. The edge of the blade in it is much sharpened and that’s why it will do the needful fast.   
  5. Higher Capacity: Commonly the capacity of an ordinary blender is 20 oz or some more. But the capacity of the pitcher of this blender is 72 oz, that is far more than the general others. Besides this pitcher, you’ll get two cups of 16 oz in the package of this blender. Due to this higher capacity, you’ll not have to blend larger amounts of foods in two or three sessions. Rather only one session will be enough for blending or crushing a huge amount of foods.


  1. Here you’ll have the option to add different tools like pitcher or cups with the base part.
  2. It contains three speed setting options, so you may change settings based on the nature of the food.
  3. Due to the higher capacity of the pitcher, you may place huge food items in it at a time.
  4. The cups and pitcher are of a transparent body and that’s why you may see the inside function from outside.
  5. Recipe book will be in the sent package and that will show you different tastier recipes.
  6. Due to its 6-blade assembly, the food crushing time will not be so long and the quality will be perfect.
  7. Due to having the markings on the pitcher, you’ll be able to understand how many cups are in it.
  8. The manufacturer kept the extraordinary button: pulse, for Controlling, Processing, and Bursts of Power.
  9. This one is the most acceptable option for making juice perfectly just in minutes.
  10. For having detachable parts in this tool, you’ll conveniently be able to add food and clean.


  1. With this one, you’ll not be able to continue the blending function conveniently for more than 4 minutes.   
  2. It doesn’t contain any indicator light for showing you that the blending is completed.
  3. This blender will not turn off automatically so you’ll have to turn it off manually after completing the blending function.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How may I place food items in this blender for mixing or crushing when using pitcher?

Ans. – If you use a pitcher then just open the lid and place the food in it, it’s the easiest method.

2. When and how may I use a cup with this tool?

Ans. – If you place smaller amounts then you may place foods in the cup and attach the cup with the tool.

3. May it be problematic, if I apply higher speed on the thin or softer items?

Ans. – It’s not a problem but in that case it will liquefy all the things placed in it very soon.

4. When using the cup with this blender is the right option?

Ans. – If you want to place smaller amounts of food and want to make liquids then cup is the right option.

5. Is the lid of the pitcher only for placing food in it?

Ans. – Not only for placing foods, but for pouring out liquids you may use this lid by opening it.

6. Do I need to close the lid of the pitcher during blending?

Ans. – Of course, you’ll have to do that, otherwise this tool will not start the function.

7. May I blend something hot using this blender?

Ans. – Blending something hot is not allowed here as it may be harmful for the tool itself.

8. What’s for may I select the button “3?”

Ans. – You may press on this for mixing smoothies, crushing whole ice cubes, or something like that.

9. May I place fully dry food items here for blending?

Ans. – No, dry blending is prohibited, so you should add some cups of water with dry items.

10. How much time commonly will it take for perfectly blending?

Ans. – Commonly 3 minutes is enough for accomplishing blending, but it depends on the food’s nature.

Is it really the right option for using commercially anywhere?

This best kitchen tool is for blending harder items at a faster speed and smoothly. Here you may blend so many food items at a time for its capacity to hold and blend. So you may use this one for providing liquids commercially anywhere you need to. Certainly you’ll like the liquids providing service of it for so many obvious reasons. 

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