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OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

Grips Salad Spinner

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Mixing different fruits or vegetables is our everyday need and we do that manually or using a machine. Manually doing such a thing requires extra time and the procedure is a bit exhausting. The reason is that we must mix smaller food items carefully. That’s why we use food spinners, but not all these are rightly effective for the same purpose. Some food spinners are working like ordinary blenders which will make the softer food items almost liquid. So using ordinary blenders is not the right option for making the salad.

And we should use salad spinners if we tend to enjoy the perfectly mixed salad. In a super quality salad spinner, you’ll not have to place only cut food items. Rather you’ll get so many different avails in such a spinner that you’ll really like. Today we’ll show you all the good and bad of OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner. Let’s see!

What you’ll get in the salad spinner brought to you by OXO?

This salad spinner looks like an ordinary basket where you may store food items. If you take a look at the top part of this tool you’ll see it contains a pump. This pump will make the basket rotated and that will mix the food items you’ll place in it. Most amazing thing is that you’ll not have to place food items after washing them. The reason is that it contains two things: basket and bowl, you have to place food items in the basket. The basket will be in the bowl, and you may keep water in the bowl. In this way the washing of foods will be done automatically if you keep water in the bowl.

With this tool, you’ll be able to make salad in minutes without knowing anything about salad making. If you use this tool, you’ll not have to waste your energy as you’ll only have to press its pump. Pressing the pump will spin the basket and you’ll not have anything to do other than that. You may place this salad spinner in tight corners as its dimension is only 6 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches. As it doesn’t contain any electrical appliances the cleaning procedure of it will be easier to you. Video guides regarding the use of it available online so you’ll be able to use it as a pro.

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How will this best Salad Spinner provide you tastier made salad?

You know the salad-making procedure requires mixing different food items and it will do exactly that thing. Like the other salad spinner you’ll have to place food items in the basket of it. After placing food in the basket and attaching the lid with the basket, you’ll have to lock it. When you’ll lock it, the basket and the pump will be perfectly attached. Now if you press on the pump, it will rotate the basket at a high speed. As the basket will be full of different food items, such rotating will mix perfectly all the food items. Now come to the point of food washing using this best salad spinner.

You’ll get a bowl besides the basket and you may place the basket in the bowl. If you pour water into the bowl then the basket will rotate in the water of the bowl. That will be more than enough for perfectly washing all the smallest pieces of food in it. After spinning for less than 1 minute the salad making will be accomplished. And then you may open the lid of it and enjoy the properly mixed tastier salad.  

How to use this best kitchen tool for spinning salads every day?

This oxo salad spinner will provide you some extraordinary services that you’ll not get in others. Now we’ll show you how you may enjoy these conveniences in making salads.     

  1. When you’ll get this best kitchen tool in hand, you should wash it perfectly before making salad using it. A user manual will be in the package, it will show you the perfect using system of the salad spinner. But the salad spinning procedure is so simple that you may do it yourself, without seeing anything. So, for making salad select the food items with which you want to make salads. Commonly we use some ordinary items like Chopped Raw Vegetables, Dried Fruits, or something like that.
  2. After selecting the food items, place all these in the basket opening the lid of this best salad spinner. If you place the fruits or vegetables without washing, then pour water in the bowl. And then place the basket full with food items in the water of the bowl. Now you’ll have to lock the lid, and to do that attach the lid with the bowl first. After that, press on the lock button, you’ll get it at the opposite of the brake button. Both these buttons are black and placed beside the black color pump. But there’s one difference between these two: the lock button is a bit spacious one.  
  3. Now if you can lock the lid perfectly then press on the pump and that will spin the basket. If you release the pump, spinning will stop after a short time. You may press and release the pump repeatedly if you want to continue the spinning. Here there’s no exact spinning time, as it will depend on the nature of the items. But commonly one or two minutes is enough for perfectly mixing different items as the spinning will be fast. If you want to stop the spinning, then press on the brake button.
  4. Pressing on the brake button will immediately stop the spinning and then you may open the lid. For opening the lid of this kitchen tool, you’ll have to press on the lock button. After opening the lid you may bring out the basket from the bowl and enjoy the salad. In the time of bringing out the basket, you’ll see the droppings of water from the basket. So, allow some time for ending the droppings and then enjoy or serve the salad. If you don’t place the basket in the water of the bowl then cleaning will be mandatory, otherwise not.

Enjoy a good number of cool features in using this best salad spinner!

Surely you’ll get some more conveniences than a cuisinart salad spinner, and the like. Now we’ll show you which conveniences you’ll get here in making salads every day.

  1. Easy to Control: Here the control from beginning to end is really easy as you’ll only have to press buttons. Just spinning the basket you’ll have to press on the pump and that’s very simple. Anytime you may stop the spinning by pressing on the brake button and it will work immediately. Here the lock button will lock the lid with the basket, and also open the lid.    
  2. See-Through Lid: For making the perfect grade salad the stopping of spinning at the right time is really necessary. That’s why the manufacturer kept here the see-through lid and you’ll be able to examine the spinning from outside. Due to the see-through lid, it will be very easy for you to detect if anything is wrong inside. 
  3. Prior Cleaning is not required: Here you’ll have the option to place the basket in the water of the bowl. If you do that then it will not be needed to wash items before placing in the tool. The spinning of the basket in the bowl water will clean all the items perfectly. Due to this feature, the salad-making procedure will be quicker and you’ll surely like that.
  4. No Waste of Human Energy: If you shake a pot full of food items for making salads it will require human energy. But the salad-making procedure using this one doesn’t require any such wasting of human energy. Here the pump that you’ll have to press is very loose and you’ll not feel any hardship in pressing it. In a word, you’ll not feel exhausted using this best kitchen tool for quite a long time.
  5. One-Handed Operation: Manually making salads or using some other ordinary tools will require a two-handed operation. But this one doesn’t require such things that will seem complex to you. Here you’ll only have to press on the pump at the top of the lid. And such pressing will be only for 2 to 3 times or some more that’s really easy. Busy schedule maintaining folks really like this one-handed operation as it is really simple.


  1. In using this best kitchen tool, you’ll not have to wash salad items before placing in it.
  2. You’ll be able to stop the spinning immediately by pressing on the brake button.
  3. In less than one minute, you’ll be able to serve restaurant grade salad, using this tool.
  4. The lid of this best salad spinner is clearly see-through one, so you’ll be able to see inside.
  5. It’s really lightweight as its weight is only 2.5 pounds, so you may carry it anywhere with one hand.
  6. The capacity of the food placing basket is 4.95 qt, and that’s really suitable for a larger family.
  7. Here the pump is a round shaped one and you’ll not experience any slippage in pressing it.
  8. This best salad spinner is BPA- free, and dishwasher safe so you may use it conveniently as you like.
  9. There’s no restriction in placing food items so you may place any items you like.
  10. You’ll really love the one handed spinning of this tool, as it’s very simple.


  1. As there’s no cutting system inside it, it is not for placing larger food items for making salad.
  2. When you bring the basket out, you’ll see water droppings from the basket that’s a bit disturbing.
  3. This salad spinner package will include only the bare tool, not any accessories though those are necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. With which I have to attach the lid?

Ans. – There’ll be a basket and bowl, the best way is to attach the lid with the bowl keeping basket inside.

2. How much water do I have to pour in the bowl?

 Ans. – As there’ll be food items inside the basket, just filling half of the bowl will be enough. 

3. How may I open and close the lid of this spinner perfectly?

Ans. – Just pressing on the lock button will open the lid and for locking it you’ll have to press it again.

4. How will it wash the food items placed in it?

Ans. – When you place this basket in the bowl water, the salad items will come in contact with the water.

5. How may I avoid the disturbing droppings of water after spinning salad?

Ans. – After bringing out the basket from the bowl you should shake heavily for 1 or 2 times.

6. How may I recognize which one is the lock button?

Ans. – Here the lock button is placed with a spacious space that the brake button is not.

7. When I should not place the food items in the water of the bowl?

Ans. – If you place any juicy fruits or other things then you should not pour water in the bowl.

8. Will it cut the food items placed in this spinner?

Ans. – No, it will only spin and there’s no tool or appliance that will cut the food items.

9. How many times do I have to press on the pump?

Ans. – For ordinary salad ingredients, pressing 2 or 3 times is enough for mixing perfectly.

10. Is cleaning the basket mandatory after every use?

Ans. – You have to clean perfectly with water if you feel any remaining flavor.

Is the best kitchen tool the right option for making large amounts of salad a day?

This salad spinner is durable enough for spinning salad for a longer period. No matter how much time you use it as it’s not an electricity or motor run tool. You’ll get restaurant grade mixing all the time if you use this tool perfectly. So if you want to enjoy tastier salad in everyday meals you may choose this best salad spinner.

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