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ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Food Meat Smoker Oven Kitchen BBQ Grill Thermometer Clock Timer with Stainless Steel Probe

Desired to cook foods at a certain temperature according to the direction of a health specialist? This one will be the right thing for you if you want to do so. You may use an ordinary thermometer for examining the temperature of the cooked foods, but for cooking at a certain temperature these are just ineffective. The reason is that if you examine the temperature of the food at the end of cooking there might be a chance that the food has been cooked at a higher temperature already. So, if you want to make your meals or snacks at a certain temperature then ThermoPro TP-16 we’re going to show you today will be exactly the tool you’re now looking for.

What’s the tool and what’re the functions it will ACCOMPLISH?

This is not like the ordinary thermometer that you can use for only examines the current temperature of a thing. Rather you’ll be able to set the temperature here in which you want to cook food. When you set a certain temperature and set the probe of the “Thermometer Clock Timer” in the food item, then it will sound an alert if the food temperature is reached in what you’ve set.

Time to time, the tool will examine the state of the food and when it reaches the level you set, you’ll hear a sound of alert from it. Using this tool you may set the countdown time that means how much time you want to cook the food. After that time you set, the tool will similarly create the “ALERT SOUND.” You may use this countdown timer with or without using the thermometer. In this way, you’ll be able to know the food has been cooked at the temperature and timer you like.

How you may use this tool for making MOUTHWATERING foods more HEALTHILY?

ThermoPro TP-16 Thermometer Clock Timer

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The using procedure of it is a bit complex in comparison with an ordinary thermometer as it contains more functions. But after using it for one or two days, after taking a repeated look at the user manual, it will be familiar to you.

  1. When you’ll get the package, you’ll see several tools with the “Thermometer Clock Timer” itself. Among those things you’ll have to understand the use of two things mainly, these are the battery and temperature probe. The temperature probe is the thin metal then you’ll have to place inside the food items you want to examine the condition. You’ll see the time countdown and the temperature on the “LCD Screen” placed at the upper front part of this tool. Besides this, you’ll have to press on some buttons of ThermoPro TP-16 to examine the state of foods.
  2. Now come to the point- how may you set the temperature and timer using buttons? You have to press on the “Up Arrow/HR Button” to select the food you’ll cook and to select the temperature. If you want to select the temperature manually then you’ll have to press on the “up arrow” while the tool is in the manual setting. In the case of setting the HOURS, you’ll have to press on the “HR Button.” You may also select the food, temperature, and timer by pressing on the “Down Arrow/ MIN Button.” But pressing on the MIN button will select the MINUTES, and to clear the timer, you’ll have to press collectively on the HR & MIN button.

At last

  1. You know ThermoPro TP-16 is battery operated one, so before using this tool you’ll have to insert the battery at the back of the tool by opening the “battery compartment door.” After inserting the battery in the tool, set the compartment door like the previous position. The next thing is to insert the port of the “temperature probe” on the right side of the tool. This inserting is for the sending signal of the state of foods you’re examining. Now select the temperature and what you’ve selected you’ll see on the LCD. In the time of placing the tool, keep it away from the gas stove, oven, or any other hot surface.
  2. Now you’ll have to place the temperature probe in the food items you’ll cook. In placing the temperature probe in the meat, insert the probe tip 5 cm/2” in any thick part of the meat and try to keep the probe away from the gristle or bone. Now if everything is okay then you may start to cook, and when the temperature will reach what you’ve selected in the tool, you’ll hear the “alert sound.” The alert will sound for 30 seconds, and if you hear the sound then you may remove the probe from the food and stop cooking.

How does this “Thermometer Clock Timer” or ThermoPro TP-16 work for producing sound alert?

For making the working procedure of this best kitchen tool UNDERSTANDABLE we’ll discuss the issue most easily. In the case of this tool, there are two options- one is a timer and the other is a thermometer. The functions of these are different and you may use one function without using the other. The temperature probe of the thermometer is a metal that is to be inserted in the food and it will send the signal to the tool resulting in the production of READOUT on the LCD.

And a sound producing system is kept for producing an alarm when a signal or reaching the right temperature reaches. When the temperature is reached at a certain level the “sound producing system” starts to sound. Now come to the point of the timer, it is just like a digital clock. When you set a certain time the countdown starts and when it is ended, a signal goes to the “sound producing system” and it starts to sound.

Take a quick look at the comparison of it with other Thermometer Clock Timer!

If you keep this best kitchen tool besides the similar others, you’ll be able to understand the user friendly features of ThermoPro TP-16.

Name of the Products


Timer range

Customer Ratings

1. ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD

3.42 ounces


2. Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Probe

4.8 ounces

24 hours

3. SMARTRO ST54 Dual Probe Digital Meat Thermometer

Not Mentioned

999 minutes

4. ThermoPro TM02 Digital Kitchen Timer

No such presets

23 hours 59 minutes

Enjoyable features of this best kitchen tool ThermoPro TP-16 and instruction that you’ll have to be obeyed

This ThermoPro TP-16 contains a good many user-friendly features and that’s why you’ll see a huge number of positive reviews on it. Now we’ll show you some features that will seem to you most ENJOYABLE, and at the same time some instruction that you’ll have to obey.

  1. Convenient Placement: One of the cool features is that you’ll be able to place the tool anywhere in the time of using it. The reason is that three systems have been kept- a magnet for attaching it with iron tools, a base stand for keeping this tool stand, a hole for hanging it with any nail, or something like that. It is only 2.25 x 0.59 x 1.54 inches and that’s why you may keep and carry it in your pocket.
  2. Durable Probe: You know the temperature probe will be in the hot cooking foods and that’s why the probe and “mesh cable” must be durable. The probe and the cable of this tool can sustain at 716° Fahrenheit temperature. So you’ll not be worried about the placement of “mesh cable” in the time of cooking as you may keep it near the pot or otherwise in which food is cooking now.
  3. Preset Temperatures: On the right side of this best kitchen tool, you’ll see the recommended temperature level of different foods. On the LCD, you may choose a different preset program like beef, veal pork, and the like. And in that case, you’ll NOT have to set the temperature manually as it will automatically be set. For that reason, the temperature set will be at an accurate level and the procedure will be less time consuming.

At Last

  1. Widest Range: In this ThermoPro TP-16, you’ll be able to set the temperature from 32° Fahrenheit to 572° Fahrenheit. And in the case of the timer, 99-hour and 59 minutes are the range of countdown and count-up, and that’s great. With this wide range in the case of timer and temperature, you’ll be able to cook different food items conveniently as more than that is commonly not needed.
  2. Avoid Certain Places: In the case of placing the tool in the time of cooking, you should place the tool away from very hot places. And you should not use this tool in cooking in a microwave oven. In the time of bringing out the cooked food, you should not touch the temperature probe as it remains hot then. If you wear heat resistant gloves in both hands, it will be easy to work in that time.
  3. Cleaning Issues: After every use, you may want to clean the temperature probe for cleaning the food items on it. You may do so using the soap and hot water but keep in mind the wire connection of the probe is not safe to wash with water. In the case of the main tool, you should not use water for cleaning it. And if you need to clean you may use a wet cloth and tissue paper for that.


  • The alarm of this tool is easily audible and it will sound for 30 seconds.
  • For having a good number of preset programs in this tool it will be so easy to use.
  • In manufacturing the probe and the mesh cable, military grade durability has been ensured.
  • You may set the temperature unit on the LCD in a different manner as you like.
  • With enjoying the highest level of accuracy i.e. ±1.8°F/1°C, you may use it for a good many years.
  • Without using the pre-programmed issues, you may set the temperature and timer manually.
  • The presets programs of this best kitchen tool are approved by USDA.
  • You may carry ThermoPro TP-16 pocket-size “Thermometer Clock Timer” with you if need be.
  • For having a wide range of timer and temperature, you’ll be able to cook almost all the foods.
  • For having “Multiple Mounting Options” in this tool, you’ll not be worried about the placing of it.


  • In the case of probe placement, you’ll have to discreetly avoid the gristle and bone of meat.
  • If you’re a newbie you may face complexity in understanding the Up Arrow, and Down Arrow system.
  • This tool is not for use in cooking any food in a microwave oven.

Ans. - YES, you should ONLY place the metal probe in the food materials not anywhere in the pot or fire, as you have to examine the state of food, not the others.

Ans. - It means that you'll get an option on the LCD to select two units of temperature, and here F indicates the Fahrenheit, and the C indicates Celsius.

Ans. - In this tool, you'll see the presets like Poultry, Beef Medium, Ham, Beef Well, Veal/Pork, etc, and when you set the one the temperature will be set automatically.

Ans. - You'll not have to be so cautious about placing the cable as it is heat resistant, and it can sustain 380° Celsius so you may keep in contact with something hot.

Ans. - The preset is accurately selected, suppose, for "beef well" the preset temperature is 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ans. - You'll get a battery, temperature probe, user manual with the main tool i.e. "Thermometer Clock Timer."

Ans. - The easy way for stopping the alert is to disconnect the temperature probe, or sliding the switch of "mode selector."

Ans. - In this tool, at any time you may change the existing setting in the case of timer and temperature.

Ans. - No, you may place or hang it anywhere, there'll be no problem in functioning.

Final verdict- Will it be enough for checking health issues in cooking?

This best kitchen tool is for checking all the temperatures of all the cooking foods. You may use this tool for the temperature up to 572° Fahrenheit and commonly more than that is just UNNECESSARY. So, using this tool, you may check the temperature of your everyday snacks and meals and enjoy the healthier output thereby.

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