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iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter, Wide Opening Sensor Kitchen Trash Bin

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can.

Trash Can

As we process food and cook in our kitchen, we need something like a waste container. We need this type of thing to prevent our kitchen from becoming dirty. Till now a good many people use ordinary cans which are for only storing the can for a certain period. But such type of waste management creates a good many problems like spreading bad smell, becoming unhygienic, and the like. To avoid these types of problems people are now using some trash cans having some extraordinary features. Such an improved quality trash can absorb bad odor, have opening sensors and similar other features.

Commonly these types of trash cans are Battery or AC Adapter run ones. Today we’re going to show you a trash can that you may use with a battery or AC Adapter. It’s the “iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can” and it has the features that the users want.

Is this trash can enough for storing all the trash created in a day?

This is one of the best kitchen tools that will efficiently store the dirt without creating any complexity. You may use this tool with battery or AC Adapter, but any of these will not be in the package. Like an ordinary trash can, you’ll have to open and close the lid of it to throw trash in it. But you’ll not have to do it manually, rather there’re buttons for opening and closing. In this tool, there are some indicator lights which will flash to show you necessary indications. The manufacturer kept here Lid Status Alert so it will become conspicuous to you if you forget to close it. Due to the “bucket-free interior” you’ll get here 25% more capacity than similar sized ones. This one is a Space-Saving one as the dimension of this trash can is 12.75 x 10.75 x 27.88 inches.

Most amazing is that there’ll be an “AbsorbX Odor Filter” the job of which is to absorb the bad odor. This odor filter is replaceable one, and that’s why you may use another if the one becomes ineffective to use. Here “extra-wide 12″ opening” will provide the space for placing larger things. Due to this feature, you’ll be able to place larger pizza boxes, milk cartons, or something like that. In a word, if you use this one you’ll not have to use any other tools for disposing of dirt.

Compare “iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can” with other ones!

This best trash can contains some extraordinary features that the others don’t. The chart below will show you the difference between this one and the similar others.

Name of The Trash Cans

With Odor Filter


Customer Rating

1. iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can


13 Gallons

2. KAMILLEE 4.7 Gallon Sensor Trash Can


4.7 Gallons

3. iTouchless 4 Gallon Sensor Trash Can


4 Gallons

4. 1.3 Gallon Rectangular Small Steel Step Trash Can


1.3 Gallons

How will this best trash container store all the trash without spreading bad smells?

You know the job of a trash can is the storing of trash and it will do the same. This one contains a bucket free interior and that’s why inside it there’s a huge space. It’s a battery run tool and touch-free, it can understand the motion of your hand. So when you move your hand onto it, it will open as it can sense the presence of the hand. To prevent the bad odor, the manufacturer kept an AbsorbX Odor Filter. When you place some dirt in this trash can, this filter will absorb the bad odor from the dirt. And after placing dirt in the can, it will close the lid according to your command.

As the odor filter absorbs the odor and the lid is closed, there’ll be no possibility of spreading odor. Even if you keep the kitchen trash in this tool for days together, the bad smell will not spread outside.

How to use iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can for placing trashes?

Trash Can

To Buy: $79.99 at amazon.

Using this best kitchen tool is not even a bit hard as its job is only to store trash. But you should know some guidelines or procedures for using it conveniently.

  1. For using this best kitchen tool, you’ll have to attach a battery or AC Adapter. As any of these will not be in the package you’ll have to order, and attach with this tool. After attaching the battery or connecting with adapter, this tool will be activated and become ready to use. The whole lid of it is black color and the remaining body is stainless steel. To make it ready to use, you’ll have to remove the whole lid first and place the “garbage bag” inside. After placing such a bag, you have to wrap the bag’s top part with the black color ring. 
  2. After that, you may attach the lid with the main body part and use it for placing kitchen trash. One thing should be borne in mind- you’ll get the odor filter inside and you should not keep it out. The filter will be inside the tool while you place dirt or trash in this waste container. The odor filter is not for lifetime rather you’ll have to replace it every 3 months or less. Now come to the point- how you may place dirt opening the lid of it. You may use it in two ways- with the sensor, or use it manually.
  3. If you want to use it manually, just press on the open and close button, for opening and closing. If you open it for once then it will remain open for 5 minutes, and then will close automatically. For manually closing the lid at any time you may press on the close button. While the lid is opened you’ll see the indicator flashing green light, and in standby mode it will flash red. You’ll see such flashing one time in every 3 seconds, the yellow light indicates that the battery is around depleted.
  4. If you want to use the sensor, then you’ll have to keep anything above the “Infrared Sensor Dock.” Keep in mind you may place such at best 6 inches above and then the lid will open. After that the lid will close automatically if you remove the object or throw it in the tool. By any of these ways- manually or using the sensor, you may open the lid and place dirt in it. You should remember one thing: the capacity of it is 13 Gallon, so don’t try to overfill it.

Some cool features of this best waste container that’ll enough for making your kitchen dust & odor free

The manufacturer of this best kitchen tool includes all the features of a top class waste container in it. Now we’ll show you some of these and obviously you’ll like this trash can after understanding those.

  1. Space-Saving One: It’s a rectangular shaped one but surely it will save your kitchen space. The dimension of this container is 12.75 x 10.75 x 27.88 inches, but the capacity is 13 Gallon. That means it can hold 13 Gallons liquids at a time and it’s really a higher capacity. So you’ll not have to use any other tool for placing trash or garbage in your kitchen.
  2. Effective for Placing Bulky Trash: The interior space of this waste container is enough for placing larger pieces of trash. As its interior space is bucket free you’ll be able to place so many pieces in it at a time. In addition to that, an extra-wide 12″ opening will make the disposal of larger cartons or boxes possible. So you may use it conveniently no matter whatever the trash sizes of your kitchen is.      
  3. Odor Absorbing: It’s not like an ordinary trash can that people use only for placing dirt. Rather it contains an “AbsorbX Odor Filter” for absorbing bad odor of the dirt placed in it. This filter is an “Activated Carbon Odor Filter” that is superbly effective in absorbing odor of all dirt quickly. You’ll not have to buy this odor filter separately rather this one will be in the package.       
  4. Touch-less or With Touch: This best kitchen tool includes both the system- manually and using the sensor. These two systems are effective for immediately opening the lid at any time. And in both systems, the lid will close automatically even if you don’t do anything. In the case of manually opening the lid, the lid will close automatically in 5 minutes. In the case of a sensor, the lid will close in 4 seconds of removing the object above the sensor.     
  5. Including Indicators: This best trash can includes some necessary indicators seeing which you’ll be able to understand different conditions of it. If the battery is nearly depleted, then the tool will show you the flashing of yellow indicator light. In every three seconds of standby mode and the open position, it will show red and green indicator light respectively.


  1. This waste container allows two controlling system-manual and using the sensor, both of these systems are effective.
  2. The capacity of this tool is 13 Gallon/ 49 Liters, so you may place all the kitchen waste in it.
  3. The lid of it will close automatically in both the systems – manual and using the sensor, that’s really great.
  4. Due to having the system of different indicator lights, you’ll be able to understand about different conditions early.
  5. It’s a space saving tool as it’s a rectangular tool, and its dimension is 12.75 x 10.75 x 27.88 inches.
  6. You’ll be able to do the waste management in a smarter way as it’s a completely automatic tool.
  7. With this waste container, you’ll get 1 Year Warranty and their customer support is newbie friendly.
  8. Due to the Activated Carbon Odor Filter in this tool, it will absorb the bad smell of dirt in it.
  9. You may use this best kitchen tool with AC Adapter Power or Battery as you like.
  10. Due to the “extra-wide 12″ opening,” you may place here larger pieces of cartons or other dirt.


  1. This trash can package will not include battery or AC Adapter, so you’ll have to buy these separately.
  2. You’ll have to change the odor filter inside this tool every 3 months, otherwise it will not work.
  3. This tool has 8 pounds weight, so with the trash inside, it will become very weighty.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Where I’ll get the sensor and buttons of this trash can?

Ans. – You’ll get the indicator lights, sensor, and the buttons at one place: the front side of this tool.

2. Where do I have to place the odor filter?

Ans. – You’ll have to place the odor filter inside the tool and keep in the same place all the time.

3. Is it needed to keep the garbage bag inside the tool?

 Ans. – Of course, you’ll have to keep it wrapped up inside the container, otherwise there’ll be some complex.

4. Is it needed to clean this trash can from time to time?

Ans. – Yes, you have to do that and you may use dampened cloth for cleaning it.

5. What does the red and green indicator light indicate?

Ans. – Red indicates that the tool is in standby mode, and the green indicates that the lid is open.

6. How may I get the status of the remaining charge of the battery?

Ans. – While there’s depletion in the charge level, it will show you yellow indicator light.

7. How will the sensor of this tool work?

Ans. – This sensor of this waste container will work based on the patented infrared technology.

8. When will the lid of it close if I open it using the sensor?

Ans. – When you move your hand or the thing that you kept on this tool, then the lid will close.

9. Where may I place this trash can in my kitchen?

Ans. – You may place it anywhere in your kitchen but keep the sensor area away from sunlight.

10. How do I have to keep the garbage bag inside this tool?

Ans. – You have to wrap the top of the garbage bag onto the ring of this container.

Final say on the “iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can”

This best kitchen tool alone is enough for keeping your kitchen bad smell and dirt free. The lid opening and closing system is automatic, so you’ll be able to dispose of trash in a smarter way. So if you use only this one, you’ll not have to use any other trash container. Due to the capacity and other features you’ll be able to keep your kitchen clean with it. 

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